Rock Horn Project

Combining elements from rock, jazz, and classical, RHP continues its warpath on breaking down the walls of genres and creating a new and exciting sound.

Sr. Langosta

Sr. Langosta is completely unafraid of the F word. They're like Snarky Puppy with teeth. En Espanol.


Spank, (George "Spanky" McCurdy) is a world-renowned drummer and up-and-coming producer.

David Weiss & Point Of Departure

An active player and interpreter of jazz in its many forms.


ATLAS compromises of Cillian Doheny (Guitars) & Cillian King (concertina), both natives of Limerick, Ireland.

Nicholas Payton

Black American Music #BAM

Mark de Clive-Lowe

"...a timely reminder that some of the greatest producers, in line with the likes of Quincy and Stepney, are also musicians with chops as well as smart adventurers in sound." - Echoes Magazine

Nate Smith

Ira Nathaniel "Nate" Smith (b. December 14, 1974) is an American drummer, composer, songwriter and producer.

Christian Scott

Christian Scott is a two-time Edison Award-winning, Grammy-nominated jazz trumpeter, composer and producer.

Terrace Martin

Grammy winner Terrace Martin has worked with everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Herbie Hancock.

Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step

In a time when we either avoid the serious or avoid the party, Angelo Moore and The Brand New Step fuse the two in a throwdown of groove to celebrate while we THINK.

Shaun Martin

Four time Grammy winner Shaun Martin (Kirk Franklin, Snarky Puppy) steps out on his own and delivers a stunning debut record.

Mark Lettieri

Guitarist, composer and producer Mark Lettieri is proficient in a multitude of styles.

RC & The Gritz

RC "Rceeezy" Williams - keyboards/Vocals | Cleon Edwards - Drums | TaRon Lockett - Percussion | Braylon "Brother B" Lacy - Bass | Claudia Melton - Vocals | Jah Born - MPC (drum machine)

Frank Catalano

Catalano is the only known saxman to have performed with Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Tony Bennett, Les Claypool and Louis Bellson while still in high school!

New Standard Duo

Robert Brooks (saxophone) and Eric Binder (Drums) specialize in exploring jazz standards in unique ways.

The 4 Korners

Clarence Hill - Keys | James Thompson - Bass | Jerrod Sullivan - Drums | Isaac Thompson - Guitar

MK Groove Orchestra

Syracuse native Michael Kammers has been a creative force in the Brooklyn underground music scene since 2001.


Beekman is a Brooklyn-based collective comprising saxophonist Kyle Nasser, pianist Yago Vazquez, bassist Pablo Menares, and drummer Rodrigo Recabarren.

Slavic Soul Party!

Fiery brass, throbbing grooves, Roma (Gypsy) accordion wizardry, and improvisational verve make Slavic Soul Party! NYC's "official" #1 brass band for BalkanSoul GypsyFunk

Richard Sears

Brooklyn-based pianist Richard Sears is a rising force on the jazz scene who has distinguished himself as a fierce improviser and ambitious composer.

Corey King

Singer-Songwriter / Composer / Keyboardist / Trombonist born in Houston, Texas

Eddie Moore & The Outer Circle

Eddie Moore is an accomplished pianist, composer, music director, educator and bandleader.

Akinola Sennon

Akinola Sennon is a steelpan player and composer from Siparia, Trinidad.

Fresh Cut Orchestra

The music of the Fresh Cut Orchestra is an eclectic blend of "straight ahead" jazz, contemporary classical, progressive rock, hip hop, and modern electronica.

Killiam Shakespeare

Killiam Shakespeare's debut album, recorded with guitarist Anthony Decarlo, bassist Andre Pinckney and
percussionist Aaron Draper, is a successful blend of musical genius that will captivate
audiences across the world.

Winston Byrd

Trumpeter Winston Byrd lives like he plays - dynamic, dedicated, and free - all with an excitable attitude.

Jason Fraticelli

Fraticelli, an upright bassist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, often seen and heard at the center of many musical scenes in the Philadelphia/New York has been honing his craft for the past 20 years.


FunSlowRide (International Collective of Music Travellers) is a choral work, produced by GeGe Telesforo with the collaboration of Leo Sidran.

Jim Stephens’ Full Tilt Boogie Band

Jim Stephens' Full Tilt Boogie Band blends a soulful and upbeat hybrid of jazz, funk, rhythm and blues, and gospel.

Trio Subtonic

Trio Subtonic is a groove heavy power trio out of Portland, Oregon that blends explosive genre bending funk with slow burning underground soul jazz.

Leon Foster Thomas

Having performed for audiences worldwide, Leon Foster Thomas is a unique force in modern jazz. The New York Amsterdam News has described his playing as "riveting, his artistry as unrivaled and his stage personality as dominant." His virtuosic playing of the Steel Pan has enabled him to connect emotionally with the listener on every level.

Spare Parts

These guys squeeze more out of keyboards, bass and drums than any trio you'll find anywhere!" Russ Davis- Modern Jazz Radio (MOJA)

A Love Electric

An explosive trio of three nationalities, A Love Electric, hailed as the tomorrow of creative rock by Mexico City's leading newspaper, La Jornada, performs at some of the world's finest rock festivals, jazz clubs, and cultural landmarks.

The Flowdown

"The Flowdown is a true fusion of jazz, rock, R&B, hip hop and reggae. The band is very exciting live, the writing is impressive and the musicians are at a very high level."


Progger is an unusual collection of gifted musicians who were brought together by the simple desire to create new powerful, beautiful, engaging, modern music


Karikatura makes life-affirming, body-shaking music that moves people around the world. While the band has toured everywhere from Japan to Brazil, New York City is home.

Lex Sadler’s Rhythm & Stealth

Rhythm and Stealth is the original project of New York-based musician and producer, Lex Sadler.


At the crossroads of a new innovative style of music coming from Ireland, NOTIFY breathes new life into their music and song.

Jeremy Danneman

Jeremy Danneman is a NY based saxophonist, clarinetist, composer, and educator, and is the Founder of Parade of One Inc, an international musical outreach organization.

Light Blue Movers

Deron Johnson, Adrian Harpham, Gabriel Gordon, and Jonathan Levy are LIGHT BLUE MOVERS

Tacuma Bradley’s Unity Band

Tacuma Bradley's Unity Band cultivates sonic experiments that fuse elements of HIp-Hop, Jazz, Funk, and World music.

Badge And Talkalot

An infectious groove that sounds like an old school boombox driving down the city streets.

Grant Green Jr.

As the son of legendary jazz guitarist Grant Green (1931-1979), Grant Green Jr. was exposed to exceptional musicianship right from the start.


CLAFFY resides in Harlem as one of the most working bass players in the New York City scene.

Nuf Said

Drawing from R&B, Hip-Hop, Funk, and Soul, mixing it up with jazz harmony and improvisation, Nuf Said writes and arranges collaboratively and delivers a sonic mix for the world's ears.

The Sharp Things

THE SHARP THINGS are a rock band from New York City founded by singer/songwriter/pianist Perry Serpa.

Arthur Vint & Associates

Arthur Vint & Associates' debut album "Through The Badlands" evokes visions of the western American landscape, with its vast open expanses and rocky terrain.


"Freekbass is the new spiritual warrior for the Funk" - Bootsy Collins


Blending Togolese rhythms and global themes with American rock, funk, and jazz, Elikeh creates a danceable sound that is unique and completely their own.

Big Picture Holiday

Placing the saxophone in the center of a lush sonic universe and surrounding it with vibrant musical voices, BPH creates a sound that swirls and shines, shimmers and melts.

Big Sam’s Funky Nation

Big Sam Williams and his Funky Nation bring the straight raw party.

Jesse Fischer

For Brooklyn-based pianist/composer/producer Jesse Fischer, the simplest things are best - a catchy melody, a heartfelt lyric, an irresistible groove.


ROYAL, aka 'The Resurgence Of King Shit', is the 'future of freshly skilled, free and popular music' (Devon Lee)

Ethan Farmer

Of all the badass bass players, Ethan is the one with the style, the charisma, and that deep voice that says 'I was born to play the bass'.

Soule Monde

Soule Monde is avant funk erupting from the syncopated minds of power drummer Russ Lawton + B3 wizard Ray Paczkowski.

Big Fun 3

Sort of Bluenote meets Tony Willams Lifetime.

Naughty Professor

Naughty Professor is an instrumental funk band hailing from New Orleans that embodies the jazz-influenced party culture of the Big Easy with a wide variety of original music.


Ajoyo - A mystic brew blending african tradition, jazz and soul.

Leo Sidran

Sidran got his start writing songs professionally as a teenager when the Steve Miller Band recorded four of his songs for their 1993 Wide River album.

Nat Osborn Band

Eclectic, smart, high energy, Osborn gets his fingers into a whole bunch of different pies here and comes up with something good every time - New York Music Daily


Ropeadope alum Ben Rubin (Benny Cha Cha) and adventurous songstress Marilyn Carino are Mudville.

Greg Hester

Greg Hester delivers his unique voice to the self described genre of Southern Soul. From James Brown to Wet Willie, Greg moves from Funk to Soul to Americana with ease.

Snarky Puppy

The past two years have seen Snarky Puppy go from being an underground secret to a fast-emerging band on the international scene. Bringing a deep knowledge and respect for musical tradition, their music ranges from raw funk and soul through to lyrical melodies and lush harmonies.

Kuf Knotz

Known for his unique blend of progressive hip-hop, soul, blues, jazz and rock, Kuf Knotz is one of Philly's emerging alternative artists.

Nick Rosen

Soulful... When you listen to Nick Rosen play, that is the one word that comes to mind.

Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk continues to lead the contemporary evolution of hip-hop, soul, and jazz.

Walking Distance

Walking Distance is a fiery collective of powerful improvisers. Caleb Curtis (alto saxophone), Kenny Pexton (tenor saxophone), Adam Cote (double bass), and Shawn Baltazor (drums).

Shayna Steele

There's no need to sugar coat it, since her impressive credits speak for themselves. Her colleagues praise her ability, her dedication and drive to perfecting her craft as a professional singer and knockout performer. On stage and in the studio, New York City based vocalist and songwriter Shayna Steele proves she is a vocal force to be reckoned with.

Bill Dickens

The legendary 7 string bass virtuoso delivers his debut album with style.

Kalen & The Sky Thieves

Disparate influences of jazz, folk, psychedelica and funk with the common denominator of old fashioned rock and roll.

The Funk Ark

Will Rast of Antibalas leads the next generation of transglobal sound. Intense, driving beat and soaring melodic improvisation.

Lars Bartkuhn

The creative force behind the NEEDS Collective, Lars Bartkuhn has completed a masterpiece of jazz guitar and orchestration.

Adam & Kizzie

Our mission is to create art that comes from a genuine place. No lyric, melody, harmony or concept is born for the sake of selling records. We share our lives in this music. We advocate love, enlightenment and truth. We aim to honor God, the Father who gave us music - which is His language. EEDO!

Raja Kassis

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, American guitarist Raja Kassis is an integral part of the greater music community in New York City. Best known for his work recording and touring with Blitz The Ambassador, Raja Kassis can also be heard on countless albums, soundtracks and live stages all around the world.

J.J. Wright

A jazz improvisor with a heart for sacred music.

Malika Tirolien

Malika Tirolien was raised in an artistic environment. Her grandfather inspired her with poems, her grandmother was a pianist, and her father was a self taught multi-instrumentalist.


Aaron and Mike Dolton are brothers from the Peak District, UK. Their music is an eclectic mix of jazz, electronica and soul.


Elephant Wrecking Ball

Elephant Wrecking Ball couples a grounded sense of discipline and integrity with exuberant and joyful exploration, experimentation, passion and expression.

Col. Bruce Hampton, Ret.

Everyone knows one plus one is two, but what is one?

Jonathan Scales Fourchestra

"Scales is to steel pans, what Bela Fleck is to the banjo - an uber innovator." - Driftwood Magazine

Nicky Egan

'There's an emotive break in the songstress' voice that tells listeners she's been feeling what she's been writing for about a million years' (Diffuser) - Photo credit: Dani Barbieri, Little Lou Productions

Takashi Tsuzuki

From across the great Pacific we bring you Takashi Tsuzuki, a Japanese music guru.

Mike Nagoda

It's the sound of slide guitar that tells this story, that unique sound of metal on metal, steel on steel, told with the raw, emotional power of the Blues.

Fumihito Sugawara

Fumihito has released four albums on Ropeadope - each one a complete departure in style but with his signature style present.

Adam Smale

Standing strong in the field of Jazz, Adam Smale is one of the serious devotees - an exciting new voice on the scene... take notice! (Pat Martino)

Underground System

10 core members deep, split equally between gender, representing too many cultural backgrounds to list, and boasting one of the most naturally enthralling live shows around.

Black Gold 360 & Fumihito Sugawara

Simon Sixsmith and Fumihito Sugawara have never met. They have never even skyped. They would not recognize each other if they were sitting in the same cafe. Yet, they have managed to create a stylish, unpredictable, atmospheric and curiously jazzy record together.

Jneiro Jarel

Jneiro Jarel, is an American recording artist, music producer, composer and DJ.

Rich Mystics

Spontaneous music creation from the minds of Barney Cortez and Nick Bockrath.

Akashic Record

Bone crushing funk music with Beau Sasser on B3 organ, Brian Thomas on trombone, Jared Sims on bari sax, Steve Fell on guitar, and Pete MacLean on drums.

Analog Attention

Led by multi-instrumentalist and composer Max Shcherbakov, the band draws from a diverse array of influences in jazz and electronic music

Russ Kaplan

Russ Kaplan is a musical storyteller. A creatively restless composer and versatile keyboardist, his diverse musical obsessions have led him through the worlds of jazz, rock, and theatre music.

Otis Grove

Otis Grove began as a collective experiment in crossing the traditional organ jazz sound with funk, hip-hop, and rock tones.

dred scott

'a disciple of psychedelic subterfuge, coupled with post-cool intensity.' (sf weekly)