Scotty Hard Live

Check it! We got an email from Ropeadope alum Scott Harding yesterday announcing a live show at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn on 9/25. Joining Scott are Billy Martin, Todd Reynolds, Shahzad Ismaily, Ray Archie and Raz Mesinai. It's all a benefit for The Underground Producer's Alliance, where Scott is a mentor in residence to young artists. An amazing show for a groundbreaking and important project. Come on out and support. Check out Scott's interview with The Cipher right here to get the full story of the man.  

Analog Spirit Quest V2

MK and the Brothers Nylon are at it again, recording ASQ V2 to 1/4 inch tape on their coveted Tascam 388. Beginning at Electric Windowland and crossing over to the new spot at Charles Bronxin' Studios, Michael Kammers, Michael Rufolo, and Nick Rufolo are joined by guests Lisa McQuade, Neeraj Mehta, and Chris Kuklis for a journey in experimental analog sound. This is serious music, so set aside some time and get the headphones on. Drop in here for the lead single. 

JJX Rocks


Kyle Nasser, Rodrigo Recabarren, Pablo Menares, and Yago Vasquez make up the jazz collective that is BEEKMAN. Based in Brooklyn by way of the world, Beekman brings a world class mix of influence and style to the studio for their second album, aptly titled BEEKMAN: Vol. 2. Menares and Recabarren hail from Chile and are highly regarded in their home country, while playing worldwide with many jazz greats. Pianist Yago Vazquez arrived in NY from Spain in 2008, quickly establishing himself as a go-to studio musician and live performer. A graduate of both Harvard and Berklee, Kyle Nasser has been praised by All About Jazz - '“Superlative musicianship as a performer, writer and a bandleader…ardent creativity and his urbane artistic composure.” One must hear to understand, so drop in here for a taste. Step right over here to stay in the loop.  

Ibaraki - Corey King

Far East Suite

In 1963, the DUKE ELLINGTON ORCHESTRA embarked on a US State Dept 'jazz diplomacy' tour of the Middle East, South Asia, and The Balkans. Later, Ellington recorded his brilliant collaboration with Billy Strayhorn, The FAR EAST SUITE. And now, 50 years later, SLAVIC SOUL PARTY re-imagines the Far East Suite as an Eastern European brass band discovering an exotic American sound, reversing the "exotic tinge" and reveling in this subtle, funky, and brilliant music. Led by Matt Moran, SSP explores the tangled issues of authenticity and identity, while creating music that is uniquely New York. While celebrating Ellington, they are perhaps adding their chapter to the piece, as the tour never made it to the Balkans - it was cut short on November 22, 1963, the day after John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Slavic Soul Party plays Duke Ellington's Far East Suite debuts on September 16, drop in here for preorder and to hear tracks as they are unveiled.  

Kings & Queens

Heads up - Friday marks the release of the new record from Eddie Moore & The Outer Circle - a diverse and soulful album that draws on Eddie's diverse musical interests. The title is a clear reference to the history of African Amercians, descendants of Kings & Queens. KCUR in Kansas City says it best - 'His inclusive approach may be anathema to hermetic members of the jazz community. But Kings & Queens, released by the Philadelphia-based Ropeadope Records, honors jazz tradition while sounding entirely contemporary because Moore and his bandmates in the Outer Circle emphasize melodic grooves rather than flamboyant soloing.', while NEXTBOP proclaims their love right here. Drop in and support the band right here.  


We are very excited about this new record from Trinidad - COUSOUMEH from Akinola Sennon blends jazz with undeniable African beat and steel pan flavor. This is an interpretation of JAZZ where the heritage of the island and the full sense of the African diaspora collide, sometimes in a polished way and sometimes with a raw undercurrent. Most notable to us is DOH FIGHT MEH, highlighting the groove with an extended spoken word 'discussion' of the history of oppression and its extension into the modern world, as the artist proclaims 'melanin has just been declared illegal'. This is a declaration of the coming power of the diaspora itself, musically, culturally, and politically. Drop in here to HEAR.

Are you ready to rock?

Joe Jordan hails from Philadelphia PA and he flips all those Philly expectations right out of the gate. When you see the Joe Jordan Experiment (JJX) you might think they're about to drop some ultra hip reggae on you, or maybe some Sly Stone style funk, but what you get is some hard driving ROCK. JJX is Joe Jordan (Guitar), Barbara Duncan (Drums), and Dan Halma (Bass) - three solid players that take the power trio to electrifying levels. JJX is about to hit us with THIRST, a full length LP that pays tribute to Hendrix, Rage, and Living Colour and honors all the rockers. THIRST is the next gem from our friends at ARTISTS FIRST RECORDS, and it's ready for release on September 16. Drop in here to meet the band, and stay tuned. 

Ropeadope At Rockwood

NYC! Clear your plans for the night and head on out to Rockwood Music Hall. Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Ropeadope artists are set to bend your mind and body in a very good way. Tacuma Bradley's Unity Band, The Flowdown, Lex Sadler's Rhythm & Stealth, and Nuf Said are quite simply too much talent for one bill, but hey, it's Ropeadope that's how we do it. Click the band names to get a taste, and drop in here for details.