Soule Monde

Get ready folks - power drummer Russ Lawton and B3 wizard Ray Paczkowski have joined the Ropeadope family and are ready to drop some heavy heavy avant-funk on the world. Ray & Russ are taking a moment from their Trey Anastasio Band schedule to continue the legacy of fluid funk with improvisational jazz sensibilities. Soule Monde's SMASHED WORLD EP is the first chapter, and it drops right here on September 11. We'll have some fun trips through the intertwined history of the sound and the label coming at you very soon.   

through the badlands

You know those adventurous and undefinable records that we like to put out? Arthur Vint brought us one of those recently; an instrumental journey through the southwest titled Through The Badlands. The Tin Hat Trio comparisons are inevitable, but this one moves us into new territory. The stellar lineup includes Arthur Vint, Rich Perry, John Cowherd, Tony Scherr, Blanca Cecilia Gonzalez, Andrew Halchak, and Ian Stapp. Preorder of CD and Vinyl is lined up right here, where you can support Arthur directly as we get all the rest in place. 

one man, two cities

Philly's own Jimmy Stephens is making it work down in the Big Easy, soaking up the history, the legacy, and the swampy vibe as he prepares to release TWO records here at Ropeadope. This summer we spent some time with Jimmy here in Philly as he laid down tracks with a solid lineup including Andre Coles (Boy Wonder), Greg Moore, Kinyon Lanier, Sarah Kane, Winston Byrd and more. Jimmy has spent a lifetime helping others, and soon we will be called to help him - stay tuned for early footage and a chance to get on board with Jim Stephens Full Tilt Boogie Band.    

Ten Years

It's been 10 short years since Katrina devastated the physical structures of New Orleans, and tore into the hearts and minds of those who live in the birthplace of jazz. There was a brief moment when the unworthy asked why the city should be rebuilt. Well, New Orleans is still here folks, and while there is much to be done on the physical plane, the hearts, minds, and spirits of the great city continue to influence the world through music, art, and culture. Ropeadope's history has become intertwined with New Orleans - 10 years ago today we were preparing to release records from Sister Gertrude Morgan and King Britt, and within weeks we were printing Renew Orleans tee shirts in collaboration with Preservation Hall to support musicians in need. The Renew Orleans tee shirts represented hope in the darkest hour, as the first second line after the storm was filled with the message.  Today we prepare for the September 18 release of 'Stretch Music' from Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, a man whose family and history are inseparable from New Orleans. And, we are cueing up a new single from the one and only Sam Williams (Sam Bolden) and Big Sam's Funky Nation, titled 'Feet On The Floor' to represent the people of NOLA getting their footing back. As we reflect on the past, we reaffirm our commitment to New Orleans, to the legacy of jazz, and mostly to the people who stood strong in their home and kept the faith. We all owe them a great debt.  

Sunrise In Beijing

The first track on the new record from Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, Sunrise In Beijing features the Pan African Drum Kit, created by Christian and drummer Joe Dyson. Take a quick listen right here and join the incredibly inventive world of Christian Scott. Stretch Music (Introducing Elena Pinderhughes) is available fior preorder today and climbing the charts at itunes. Join us. 

The Sharp Things

We are on the verge of something big here at Ropeadope, as we announce that NY collective - The Sharp Things - are taking up residence here and preparing the fourth release in their album series 'The Dogs Of Bushwick'. Titled EverybodyEverybody, the new album shows the subtle refinement and dedication to the eternal craft of songwriting and performance that The Sharp Things are known for. Look for the LP to drop in October, and get on over here and show some love for the newest members of the Ropeadope fam. 

Church (Remixed)

Here it comes - Mark de Clive-Lowe's acclaimed CHURCH in a whole new light. With an incredible lineup including AtJazz, Pastrana, Daz-I-Kue, Brian Keys, and Leonard Charles, CHURCH Remixed features some surprise guest appearances, so stay tuned. Traxsource fans be ready because it hits there on September 18, and follows up on the usual channels on October 2. Yep.

Day Dreamer

Jesse Fischer mixes it up with the best, and we are thrilled to say that his seventh album, Day Dreamer, will be released here at Ropeadope next month. Passionate and persistently active in the scene, Jesse delivers a vulnerable and purely emotional album - Day Dreamer. Guest appearances from Takuya Kuroda, Sarah Elizabeth Charles, and Zack Brock round out the direct and carefully crafted album. Step in here to keep up with the news, and while you're waiting dig Jesse's recent project with Sly5thAve right here.


Ohio - home of the fertile funk scene that brought us Bootsy Collins, The Ohio Players, and James Brown's King Records. Birthplace of one Chris Sherman - known worldwide as FREEKBASS - an epic bass and life magician who carries the torch and reinvents the genre every time he plays. Freekbass is cueing up his next full length release, ready for your ears by November, and it is aptly titled CINCINNATTI. Are you feelin' real? Check right here to check and stay tuned right here for the inside inside from Cincinnatti HQ. 


Rolling Stone Argentina broke the news about the next Ropeadope Sur release, set to drop right here on August 21st. An MTV Latino award winner, Loli Molina brings a staggering array of influences into her gentle and evocative guitar playing and stunning vocals. The album is called Rubi, and it will guide you to a dreamy world of thought and reflection. Check Ropeadope Sur right here, drop by and like Loli right here, and stay tuned for pure beauty.