Something (Family Dinner Vol 1)

Snarky Puppy’s Family Dinner

It's been two years since the Pups and Lalah Hathaway took the stage at The Grammys in a triumphant win for Best R&B Performance. Yes, a jazz band from Texas did that. We could not be more proud of the successful arc of this band as they reap the rewards of years of hard work and creativity. As the band prepares to release the second edition of the Family Dinner series, we're reflecting on the enduring quality of the record that took them to the national stage. Family Dinner Vol. 1 was partly a benefit for The Jefferson Center and their very cool music education center called The Music Lab. If you haven't yet, find it and a few other gems from the Pups right here.  

Family Dinner Vol1 - Chantae Cann

EverybodyEverybody (Preorder Now)

If you're hip to The Sharp Things you know they are in the midst of a four album series dubbed THE DOGS OF BUSHWICK, and you've probably caught them on the road with The Church or Polyphonic Spree. It is with great pleasure that we present the final chapter in the series - EVERYBODYEVERYBODY - set for release here at Ropeadope on February 19th. With tracks like 'Sport's Drinking Again' and 'Daphne's Coming Over', the album has a beautiful feel that spans from retro to futuristic, all with solid composition from Perry Serpa, layers of sound, and some serious solos from the enigmatic Jim Santo. We don't do ROCK often, but when we do - it's The Sharp Things. Drop in and get sharp.

Claffy (Preorder)

Alexander Claffy - the man who appears when there is serious music to be played. Last weekend he showed up on stage at the Christian Scott show, working that bass. He studied with the great Ron Carter, and he's played with Wallace Roney, Louis Hayes, and Russell Malone. Now he's on the CLAFFY tip, with a debut album that will at once confound your senses and soothe your soul. Claffy addresses jazz from a different direction, with some high end dramatic pieces, a reworked classic, and even some Neil Young. He's all cued up for some great dates at Chris' Jazz Cafe and The Kennedy Center. The new album hits on February 26th. Get yourself some CLAFFY right here, right now.

Nuf said! (Preorder)

The name of this band makes commentary irrelevant, but describe it we must. Led by Romanian born vocalist Ioana Vintu (read YO-ANNA) and sax player Andrew Gould, NUF SAID is jazz - or is it jazz? Funky, with melodic vocals that linger while the band grooves and improvises. OK, we'll call it JAZZ. Rounded out by seasoned players Matthias Loescher, DJ Ginyard, and Peter Kronreif, the band is building steam on the New York scene. Their new record - RISE - is all set for release on February 19th, and the preorder is all cued up right here.  

Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step - Vinyl Preorder!

Yes, that’s right. We’re all pumped up over here as we proudly announce that Angelo Moore & the Brand New Step will release their new one - Centuries Of Heat - here at Ropeadope. A founding member and lead singer of the legendary band FISHBONE, Angelo Moore needs no introduction. His new project is the result of collaboration with The Rondo Brothers and features guest appearances from Boots Riley, Butterscotch, and Syzygy. It’s hot, it’s got SOUL, and it’s full of social commentary with a funky funky beat. CENTURIES OF HEAT is set for release on May 13th - Drop in right here for the Vinyl Preorder. 

Ball Of Confusion

'People moving out, people moving in. Why, because of the color of their skin. Run, run, run but you sure can't hide. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Vote for me and I'll set you free! Rap on, brother, rap on'. Poignant lyrics from The Temptations brought back to the conversation by Grant Green Jr. on his new release - SOUL SCIENCE - due out next Friday. Grant offers his take musically, with that silky smooth and soulful guitar present throughout - but he is clearly commenting on the state of our world on this track and others. And then of course, adding in beautiful love songs to balance out the confusion. SOUL SCIENCE finds Grant singing, in a timeless style reminiscent of Richie Havens. It's up for preorder today - support the master musician on his quest to heal the world. 

Journey To Golden

We've been holding on to this one for a minute - the divine CHANTAE CANN is busy working on her debut album - JOURNEY TO GOLDEN - to be released in March on ATLANTA RECORDS. We fell in love with Chantae when she graced the Snarky Puppy Family Dinner record, and eagerly await her new music. Today you can join in and support by pre-ordering the album with special exclusive perks. Check the options right here, and be part of the making of this great record. 

bye bye blackbird

This man just does NOT STOP. Frank Catalano returns (with Jimmy Chamberlin) to bring us the third record in their trilogy. BYE BYE BLACKBIRD features the great David Sanborn and special guests Nir Felder and Demos Petropoulos. Dedicated to jazz legends Von Freeman and Eddie Harris, Bye Bye Blackbird is described by Frank as 'the jazziest of the trilogy'. It's all happening here in April, but you can jump over to Frank's early ordering spot to reserve your copy. Our tip - get the dinner with Frank and Jimmy and raise a glass with some great humans who also happen to be incredible musicians. Late to the party? Drop in right here and get the back story.