Lotus - Shaun Martin (7 Summers)

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The world of the majors seems to be headed to music as a 'lean back' experience, a world where everyone listens to music in the background for fractions of pennies to the artist. We at Ropeadope still believe in the transformative power of music as a 'LEAN IN' experience, where fans and artists connect and bring mutual respect and love for the sound to communities worldwide. To do that, we need your direct support for the hardworking and dedicated cats that make real music. This week we have two amazing records from Shaun Martin and ROYAL, and ask that you click through, buy a record, or at the very least spread the word - it all helps keep the dream alive.

Reggae Time

All in good time; Ropeadope is jumping in to the world of reggae as we introduce the next imprint in our family of labels - PRINCE POLO RECORDS. At the helm is New York producer Billy Polo, who knows reggae like he knows his own soul. The label will kick off with releases from Quizflo and Ruff Scott (Easy Star). The sound will be authentic, with firm roots in the deep well of the past and fresh sounds of the present. Check out Billy's sessions with the legendary Clive Chin right here, and get down with the launch party right over here. Stay tuned folks, this right here will be proper.

All In A Day’s Work feat Geno Young & RC Williams

Salt Of The Earth

The engineer sits like a ship's captain as the world of creators and creation swirl around, hands steady on the controls, hearing only the music. He finds the center between the beauty and the broadcast and polishes the sound only where needed. Eric Hartman passed away yesterday, but his presence is deeply felt in every recording - Snarky Puppy, The Funky Knuckles, Shaun Martin, and many many more. All with great humility - a gentle spirit in service to a greater vision, at all times. So here's to you Eric, we will meet you in the music. Quick question - can you please take a moment to thank Eric for his unwavering service by helping his family?

Christian Scott

Grandson of Big Chief Donald Harrison Sr, nephew of Donald Harrison Jr, New Orleans royalty both musically and culturally. Progenitor of 'Stretch Music', active supporter of community and family, Guardian Of The Flame: Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah is a progressive and evolved human who understands both leadership and humility. Christian embodies the values that we hold dear, and we are humbled to announce that his next release will happen right here at Ropeadope. Look for a daring and committed project that offers itself to the future of music, due out in early fall.   

7 Summers

We are gearing up for the highly anticipated and celebrated new release from four time Grammy winner Shaun Martin, of Snarky Puppy and Kirk Franklin fame. The record is getting rave reviews, and with good reason. Seven years in the making, Shaun's debut album shows his diversity, commitment, and impeccable style as he moves from genre to genre with ease. The support from Shaun's longtime fans has been overwhelming, and we're calling on the Ropeadope family to extend that support to give this release the push it deserves. Take a moment to preorder or simply comment on Itunes, and stay tuned for some serious tracks to drop this week.

Royal remixes

Crash (Royal)

RAD LIVE This week

PHILLY: Jimmy Stephens Full Tilt Boogie Band hits the North Star in Philly Friday night with special guest Winston Byrd. RICHMOND: Butcher Brown and Snarky Puppy make the best double bill on Friday June 19. LA: Mark de Clive-Lowe's CHURCH at 333 Live. CLEVELAND: Freekbass hits the Beachland Ballroom on June 20. ROANOKE: Naughty Professor at the legendary Martin's Downtown on June 23. ATLANTA: ROYAL at the Afropunk Festival on June 20. NYC: June 28th is the Harlem Arts Festival, AJOYO hits at 4:45 PM.