standing strong

While we have 9 releases cued up for 2015, we are not finished with 2014 just yet. Look for two bangers on Tuesday 10/21 from Bill Dickens and Butcher Brown. The veteran bassist delivers his solo debut, Tha Truth,  and it's a monster of a record with 16 tracks of jazz, funk, and a surprise cut with Mike Gordon. Butcher Brown's full length debut, All Purpose Music, is already getting international praise, as Jellowstone continues to own the underground. More to come after that, and then we need to hibernate.  

The world over

Snarky Puppy shifts into an even higher gear with a world tour to places known and not so known. Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai, and Warsaw are just a few of the stops. With apologies to the penguins (No Antarctic dates), Michael League leads the Pups onward to reach ALL the people of the world. Check the dates right here, join the team of Puppy lovers right here, and stay tuned for some very interesting announcements coming soon.

trip hop funk rock

It's a challenge here at the fake office to describe most of what we put out, and the new record from Kalen & The Sky Thieves is one of the toughest to define. Here's what we do know - the band is tight, their commitment to exploration is clear; Their leader is strong and beautiful, like a punk rock china doll, leading the band on with her haunting voice and vision. I'd jump in the van right now and follow this band. Check the sound right here and support, or head on over here and like like like

all aboard - the funk ark

Led by Antibalas member Will Rast, The Funk Ark lives up to their name. They're going to save us from the deluge of stereotypical sound and take us to the new land of transglobal music, and we're gonna dance all the way home. Check their new release today - Man Is A Monster - on Itunes, or grab your copy right here to support the groove. Help the band by sharing right over here

When We Arrive

What It Is!

let the music flow

As we finish up our 15 th year in this here music business, we reflect on a whopping total of 44 releases in 2014. Each and every one of them a solid and progressive body of work. Creativity in the independent music community is at an all time high, and we are so thankful to all of the artists who trust us wih their work, and all of the fans who keep them creating by buying, sharing, and liking. October will finish up with three powerful records from our friends at Jellowstone, a bad*ss bass record from Bill Dickens, and some fall surprises. Stay tuned folks, party time starts now.

Music WITH words

Tomorrow's MKG release is all about the vocals: classic tunes done MKG style with guest artists from the Atlanta scene. Brenda Nicole Moorer, Anthony David, Adron, Avery Sunshine, T. Wesley Dean, Valerie Payton, and the Shadowboxers all with the rock solid and soulful Marty Kearns Group laying down the foundation. Our fave is the Bill Withers' classic 'Grandma's Hands'. Drop in right here and get started. 

Bass in your face

The fake office has been raving about this one for months, and we FINALLY get to drop some new music from the one and only Bill 'The Buddha' Dickens. Tha Truth comes out on 10/21 , and there are so many great tracks on this record it was tough to choose  -  so stop in right over here and tell us what you think of the groove. Post your comments at Bill's new spot.

a hard rain’s a gonna fall

We've been on the authentic-yet-different afrobeat tip since we dropped Antibalas' Who Is This America? back in 2004. The evolution of music is the driving force that keeps this whole thing spinning, and now Will Rast of Antibalas brings the next phase to reality with The Funk Ark. Serious players, serious business, serious groove. That's what this band is all about, so dig in right here and get busy.