Gray, Freddie

Are you ready to rock?

Joe Jordan hails from Philadelphia PA and he flips all those Philly expectations right out of the gate. When you see the Joe Jordan Experiment (JJX) you might think they're about to drop some ultra hip reggae on you, or maybe some Sly Stone style funk, but what you get is some hard driving ROCK. JJX is Joe Jordan (Guitar), Barbara Duncan (Drums), and Dan Halma (Bass) - three solid players that take the power trio to electrifying levels. JJX is about to hit us with THIRST, a full length LP that pays tribute to Hendrix, Rage, and Living Colour and honors all the rockers. THIRST is the next gem from our friends at ARTISTS FIRST RECORDS, and it's ready for release on September 16. Drop in here to meet the band, and stay tuned. 

Ropeadope At Rockwood

NYC! Clear your plans for the night and head on out to Rockwood Music Hall. Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Ropeadope artists are set to bend your mind and body in a very good way. Tacuma Bradley's Unity Band, The Flowdown, Lex Sadler's Rhythm & Stealth, and Nuf Said are quite simply too much talent for one bill, but hey, it's Ropeadope that's how we do it. Click the band names to get a taste, and drop in here for details.   

Karma Cashback

Corey King

Hre at Ropeadope we are VERY interested in the evolution of JAZZ. Yes, we dig the classics, and the incredible artists that push improvisation while remaining true to the classics. But what really gets us going is the idea that Jazz can flow across all boundaries, infusing ALL genres with the spirit of new creation and improvisation. LASHES, the new album from Corey King, is a BIG statement in that direction. Recorded in NY with Alan Hampton, Jamire Williams, Matt Stevens, Justin Tyson, and Vicente Archer, LASHES takes us into a world of Alternative music fueled by top jazz musicians. Layered, haunting, undefinable yet strangely familiar - this record feels like the first step into a new wilderness. Drop in here to preorder, or pick it up at itunes.

Surf’s up

There's a wave coming up at our backs, and it feels BIG. it is strict Ropeadope policy to put out interesting music when it shows up in the inbox, so here we go. We've got TWENTY new records cued up for release between now and November 4 th, so we're gonna hit the beach and ride that wave. Look for new music from Fresh Cut Orchestra, Akinola Sennon, Eddie Moore, Corey King, Richard Sears and Tootie Heath, JJX, Slavic Soul Party, Spanky McCurdy, Khari Simmons & JIVA, Beekman, MK & The Brothers Nylon, The 4Korners, RC & The Gritz, and more. Every one a banger, a journey into NEW. Hit us up on Facebook to stay in the loop.

The Outer Circle

When you speak to EDDIE MOORE you find an ocean of calm, and when you LISTEN to Eddie Moore & The Outer Circle you find the depth of that ocean. Their debut album grabbed 3.5 stars from Downbeat, and we are ready to bring you the newest - KINGS & QUEENS - from the Houston born, Kansas City mover. Eddie runs across all the boundaries, bringing a variety of styles into his composition and playing, but without the flash and hype that defines so many. Eddie just plays it, in a deep way, with a tension just below the surface that speaks of great things. Drop in here to connect and right here to watch while we get KINGS & QUEENS ready for prime time.

Richard Sears & Tootie Heath

California native Richard Sears has distinguished himself as a fierce improvisor and ambitious composer, performing with some of the greats - Chick Corea, Johsua Redman, and Billy Hart to name a few. In 2013 The Los Angeles Jazz Society commisioned a five part suite to honor Drummer Tootie Heath, brother of saxophonist Jimmy Heath and double Bassist Percy Heath, began his career recording with John Coltrane and never looked back. At 80 he is still going strong, and appears on Richard Sears new recording - ALTADENA - due out on September 9th. Richard and Tootie are set to perform this weekend at the San Jose Jazz Summerfest, so if you're in the Bay Area don't miss this exciting set. Preorder ALTADENA right here

Akinola Sennon

From Quinam Road in Siparia, Trinidad comes Mr. Akinola Sennon - a musical warrior with a beautiful vision and sense of purpose. A student of Carlton 'Zanda' Alexander, Akinola views the steel pan as his pathway to changing his reality and influencing the world. His new project, COUSOUMEH, draws on the rich cultural and musical heritage of Trinidad and the African diaspora. The title is a representation of the blending of the forces that shape history, best described by the man himself right here. COUSOUMEH is complex yet simple, delicate yet powerful, and is an exciting record with an edge that is often missing in Jazz. Drop in here to preview and preorder.    

Far East Suite

In 1963, the DUKE ELLINGTON ORCHESTRA embarked on a US State Dept 'jazz diplomacy' tour of the Middle East, South Asia, and The Balkans. Later, Ellington recorded his brilliant collaboration with Billy Strayhorn, The FAR EAST SUITE. And now, 50 years later, SLAVIC SOUL PARTY re-imagines the Far East Suite as an Eastern European brass band discovering an exotic American sound, reversing the "exotic tinge" and reveling in this subtle, funky, and brilliant music. Led by Matt Moran, SSP explores the tangled issues of authenticity and identity, while creating music that is uniquely New York. While celebrating Ellington, they are perhaps adding their chapter to the piece, as the tour never made it to the Balkans - it was cut short on November 22, 1963, the day after John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Slavic Soul Party plays Duke Ellington's Far East Suite debuts on September 16, drop in here for preorder and to hear tracks as they are unveiled.