2014 countdown - dj harrison

DJ Harrison, AKA Devonne Harris. The esteemed Count Bass D hipped us to the talent. Co-founder of Jellowstone Records, member of mutliple bands - we saw him appear in at least six bands in ONE night. Word is he makes music all the time and drops it around town at random. Beats? check. Keys? check. In the studio all night cooking up incredible production? check, and checkmate. Jellowstone came out swinging this year with DJ Harrison's Stashboxxx, and we can guarantee you that they will unleash a constant stream of quality music in 2015. Get with the man from RVA right over here, this is your new fave.

DJ Harrison

2014 countdown - frank catalano

The man approaches his music like he does his life - with determination, exuberance, and dedication. Frank Catalano battled back (after losing his middle finger) to build a band that includes Jimmy Chamberlin of Smashing Pumpkins and Chris Poland of Megadeth and drop his homage to John Coltrane - Love Supreme Collective. The record hit #1 on Itunes jazz, and it's only the beginning - Frank's full length LP drops next year right here on Ropeadope. Dig in to the music from a man (who played with Miles) and his heavy (metal) friends. You can hear the full sense of purpose.  

Love Supreme Collective

DJ Applejac X Ropeadope

Dig This - Atlanta's own DJ Applejac has cooked up the second edition in our HumanToHuman collection - a steady grooving take on Ropeadope. Get to know the man that Phonte calls 'one of the funkiest, soulful DJ's...', and drop by mixcloud to listen to the full mix that digs in deep. The tracks are all here, and if you pick it up on Itunes you get the full DJ Applejac mix as a bonus track. 

Hope Road - DJ Logic

2014 countdown - Malika Tirolien

Sur La Voie Ensoleillee from Malika Tirolien was the crowning jewel of our summer here at Ropeadope. Lush, soulful vocals drifiting over a solid groove with latin roots. Malika's vocal style moves from gentle to powerful with ease, and she shows her diverse musical interest on this record alongside her positive and empowered world view. This record hits our top list of quality recordings in our 15 year history. Support Malika's present and future by picking up a copy (or gifting one to a friend) right here. See what's happening in Malika's world right here.  

Sew (C’est Toi)

2014 countdown - huw

We were definitely not finished listening to Aaron & Mike Dolton's 2013 release, Anamorphic, when they sent yet another release -  Audiography - in early 2014. Audiography continues the blend of organic instrumentation and electronic dreamscape that the brothers are known for worldwide. Every one of their releases are in rotation at the fake office because they paint the room with sound. If you haven't picked up on HUW, now is the time to tune in and kick back. Hang out at the HUW Mixcloud spot right here, but do remember to jump in and support HUW by picking up a copy or sending a gift to a friend.

Stop Motion - HUW