The Jazz Standard

Maurice Brown has been tearing it up at his residency at The Jazz Standard - with a new cast of special guests each week. Next Tuesday is no exception; the lineup includes Nir Felder, Lee Pearson, Chad Selph, and Ropeadope alumni Skerik and Michael League. Dubbed Electric Ride, it's all part of Mobetta Tuesdays - check the details here and grab your tickets. 

doin it in the park

The Centennial Trilogy

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah has emerged from the studio to bring us a trilogy of albums that stand as one work. The Centennial Trilogy is at its core asobering re-evaluation of the social political realities of the world through sound. Timing the release around the 100th anniversary of the first Jazz recording, Adjuah continues on his mission to obliterate the pejorative of the social construct of race and separation. By blending genres he seeks to find that which is common in us all. The first of the series is RULER REBEL, which introduces us to the players with a mix of Trap, Western African, and Native American music via New Orleans. We fully embrace the vision and message, and of course the music - drop in here to preorder Ruler Rebel, and keep an ear on Apple Music this Friday to hear the entire album before the official release date of March 31.  

Our Reunion

It's a natural step but a bold one nonetheless when an artist moves from seasoned player in a band to composer and bandleader for their own project(s). Guitarist Matthew Stevens is proving both natural and bold as his sophomore release - PREVERBAL - is garnering attention world wide. Stevens played an integral role in Esperanza Spalding's 'Emily's D+Evolution' and has collaborated extensively with Christian Scott, and with Preverbal we hear HIS full vision. Nate Chinen at WBGO comments '(the music) advances the ideals of modern jazz even when, sonically speaking, it gestures in other directions.' Preverbal hits this Friday, and you can hear a taste of his collab with Esperanza on the ending track here, and if you are on the Apple Music jawn you can hear the whole album right now. Set your calendar for the release show with Corey King right here.  

drones with CDs

After much deliberation, Our semi-shiny new store on Amazon is open for business. Now you can have a drone drop our latest releases right on your roof, or your porch if you so desire. Stop in here and take a look around - note that there are a few Ropeadope legacy classics in the mix that are out of print. You can shop in the USA, Mexico, and Canada, and reflect on the fact that we're a five star seller right out of the gate. We are adding more of our catalog every day, so bookmark that jawn. 

Self identity

UK drummer Ollie Howell is back in his home country after a three month residency at Q's (yes, THAT Q) Jazz Club in Dubai, and gearing up for the release of SELF IDENTITY. The record was written from his hospital bed as Ollie looked within to ponder the deep questions of life, purpose, and destiny. The results are transcendent, as the drummer moves into a larger space as jazz composer. Stop by here to get the first taste of this refreshing sound - preorder begins today, and the album hits on April 14th.  

Adam Turchin

"In my early twenties, I sold all of my saxophones to a store in Jersey except for the horn my father gave me, a 1965 Selmer Mark VI. I packed my 2002 silver Saturn and drove west." Thus begins the story of Mr. Adam Turchin. Adam soon found work in the music store, chatting with an interesting client - Mr. Terrace Martin. And so it is, when the vibe is right everything falls into place. Studio work with Terrace, Kendrick Lamar, and The Game followed, and now Adam brings his solo project - MANIFEST DESTINY - to life. The record is set to hit on April 28, and the first track (with Terrace, Sput, and Rose Gold) is live now. Dig in right here to be a part of Manifest Destiny.  


It feels like we are introducing a legend everyday, and here we go again. Maurice 'Mobetta' Brown - trumpeter, composer, producer - has bridged Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Hip-Hop. The New Orleans native was uprooted by Katrina, settling in New York and embracing a unique Be-Bop to Hip-Hop style. Currently touring with the Tedeschi Trucks Band, Maurice is busy with his label which will now join the Ropeadope family as Mobetta Music. He's lined up with a residency at the Jazz Standard in NY, and his next release - THE MOOD -  is ready for prime time. The first single with TALIB KWELI is out, check it here. The message is clear and fits right in with the Ropeadope vibe.  THE MOOD hits on March 24. Dig.  

Matthew Stevens - Preverbal

'Preverbal is a visceral statement, a kinetic exploration of harmony and rhythm driven by Stevens’ masterful playing and singular melding of elements of experimental, jazz and rock. The album blooms and disintegrates over 8 original songs that are immersive and muscular, dark and joyous.' So begins the description of Matthew Stevens new album, Preverbal, set for release worldwide on March 24th. The band is Matt, Eric Doob, and Vicente Archer with a special guest appearance from Esperanza Spalding. Check out what Spin and The Fader are saying, and tune in right here for a preview and preorder.   

Honey Wine

World traveler, subway sax man Jeremy Danneman never stops. From the start, his vision was to bring Sophie Nzayisenga from Rwanda to the US to complete a new recording, and the vision is now a reality. HONEY WINE centers around the INANGA, the national instrument of Rwanda, and Sophie is the only female Inanga player in the world. Jeremy met Sophie while offering street performances during the commemoration of 15th anniversary of Rwandan genocide, and together they represent two cultures united though music to bring some balance to the human experience. Honey Wine features jazz bassist William Parker and percussionist Tim Keiper, and takes you on a trip from the subways of Brooklyn to the rivers of Africa. Our respect for Jeremy's vision and persistence could not be stronger, so please join us in supporting his work. Honey Wine is available for preorder now.