Celebrating 2015 - Greg Hester

What can we say about Greg Hester? After delivering two amazing albums that range from southern soul to country, he hit us early this year with a massive tribute to the late great James Brown. And yes, it was with Mr. Brown’s band - Keith Jenkins, Ron Laster, Mousey Thompson, Fred Wesley, Hollie Farris, and more. With guest vocalists from Raul Malo to Col. Bruce Hampton to Jimmy Hall. SOUL BROTHER WHERE ART THOU? is a record for the ages, so we invite you to cue it up after your holiday dinner and dance the night away.  

Greg Hester (3/17/15)

Remembering 2014 - Col. Bruce Hampton

THIS was a crowning moment for us at Ropeadope. The father of the jam band movement. The living, breathing representation of improvisation at its highest and most free. A man who has inspired a legion of musicians. A friend to both Duane Allman and Billy Bob Thornton, a baseball player, a showman of the wildest degree, an actor, an unpredictable and always humble human. Col. Bruce brought us the most solid of blues albums, Pharoah’s Kitchen, in the winter of 2014, and we are still trying to understand it. As we count our good fortune on Thanksgiving eve, we offer our most humble thanks to the Colonel for gracing us with his presence. Take a look at the full length film of his life (so far) right here, and pick up the album right here.  

Col. Bruce Hampton (3/25/14)

Celebrating 2015 - Jeremy Danneman

Here at the fake office we call Jeremy Danneman the most interesting man in the world. With a degree in British and American Literature, this sax player slash street performer slash social justice advocate has traveled the world as a PARADE OF ONE, playing his horn with the people of different nations. Jeremy came to Ropeadope with the first in a trilogy, LADY BOOM BOOM, an album with themes of atonement, forgiveness, war, and peace. Drop in here to listen to Jeremy’s unique take on … well, everything. And check his HARMONIOUS EXCHANGE PROJECT right here.  

Jeremy Danneman (3/3/15)

Remembering 2014 - Adam Smale

Pat Martino called Adam Smale ‘an exciting new voice on the scene’, and we of course always agree with Pat Martino. Adam brought us his seasoned and sultry record OUT OF THE BLUE in early 2014. Composed and performed by Adam and his quartet, the record is a delightful and intense journey through jazz guitar in Adam’s unique finger style technique. Check Adam’s book on guitar right here, and drop in to listen and support right here.  

Adam Smale (3/4/14)

CELEBRATing 2015 - Rhonda Thomas

2015 will be noted as the year that Atlanta Records kicked into gear, following up the 2014 Dionne Farris and Charlie Hunter Duo record with a solid soul banger from Rhonda Thomas. As a background vocalist with the great Isaac Hayes, Rhonda honed her style and brought us an intriguing blend of soul and jazz, exactly what the label represents. Dig in right here to hear VINYL DAZE, and support Ms. Thomas on her path.

Rhonda Thomas (Atlanta Records - 3/3/15)