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It's no secret - there is a battle raging in the world today. A battle between fear and love; between those who would turn back to the dark ages by drawing lines of separation and those who seek the vision of humanity united. Music always sides with the light, and carries it forward no matter how dark the path. When hope is hard to find, musicians just play the divine. Today we have two releases from different corners of the world for your ears and your heart. FUN SLOW RIDE is a work of beauty from Italy with a longing message of LOVE. ON OUR WAY TO FOREVER is a soulful testament of endurance on the path, from Philadelphia by way of New Orleans, with roots in the gospel tradition. Ropeadope hopes that you find the light today, and support these peaceful warriors who bring us joy through music. Here. Here

Jungle Earth (A love Electric)

Meet The Band

Friday marks the first release from Philly boy turned NOLA man Jimmy Stephens and his Full Tilt Boogie Band. If you know Philly, then you most likely know Kinyon Lanier, who brings an old school, take your time, let the spirit move you feel to his vocals. Tune in and feel the strength of this man's voice, and get out this Friday and see him perform with The Funky Brethren and Boy Wonder at Milkboy on Chestnut Street. Philly Love And Soul, Y'all. Forever.  

Let the children

“We all arrive through the gate of our dreams And depart through the veil of our tears. And in between with the passage of time We measure our moments in minutes and in years. And no one can take the measure of another. And no other can know what the other one knows. And only the love from a father or mother Can go where our children are destined to go” (Ben Sidran / Gege Telesforo) Fun Slow Ride

Next (Fun Slow Ride)

Fun Slow Ride

Italian instrumentalist, composer, radio and television personality Gege (Pronounced Jay-jay) Telesforo has the world in his hands. Noted as 'Italy's foremost jazz singer' by friend and collaborator Ben Sidran, Gege has performed with greats like Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, Clyde Stubblefield, and DeeDee Bridgewater, to name but a few. Gege's broad balance as a composer and an improvisor, coupled with his deep knowledge and interest in the delightful bridge between jazz and funk, are on full display with his recent recordings. And now Leo Sidran has hipped us to Gege's newest: FUN SLOW RIDE is a collaboration with Ben Sidran, with guests Alan Hampton, Sachal Vasandani, Joanna Teters and more. FUN SLOW RIDE taps into the root and brings a thing of beauty into the world, to make it a better place. Dig in right here and take a Fun. Slow. Ride. 

El Temblor (Trio Subtonic)

south by northwest

This week marks the release of the heavy groovin album FICTION from Trio Subtonic, and Ropeadope Sur nomad in chief TODD CLOUSER is heading up the coast to lay it down with GALEN CLARK. Check the impromptu four piece with Galen, Todd, Damian Erskine, and Tarik Abouzied in Seattle, Portland, Eugene, and Talent this week. Dates are here, get your mind and body in the deep deep groove right here. Support the music by getting to the gig, picking up a copy for you and your friends, or spreading the word. Thank You.  

the real fake office

In keeping with our new school old school philosophy here at Ropeadope, we've opened a mom and pop record shop to showcase our catalog and select music titles. Where? Main Street USA! Come in and ignore the commercial world full of ubiquity and enjoy a singular music experience, with listening stations for vinyl and CD in store or directly to a set of Sennheiser studio quality headphones. Ropeadope artists and staff will be coming through. Stay tuned for hours, special visits, and early listens right here.  

Dr Madd Vibe

Today is the day! The new record - CENTURIES OF HEAT - from Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step is here, and it's a banger. Angelo is out (yet again) on the road fronting the seminal, genre defying band FISHBONE, but he left us with an absolute gem of a record. Politics, social commentary, lament and love for a life of music - all are covered with an unmistakeable groove and a good dose of party vibe in the mix. Done with the legendary RONDO BROTHERS in the bay area, Centuries is a lot to get your head around - so jump in right here and get started.