What’s That You Say?

WORLD, meet ADAM WOLF. Adam is a composer and hornist from Los Angeles and the man behind ROCK HORN PROJECT. What is it? RHP is an ensemble of classically trained musicians performing Wolf's original compositions that blend Classical, Jazz, and Rock in a thoroughly unique way. Driving guitars with bold punches from the horns (with Adam up front on French Horn), delicate piano with intricate string arrangements giving way to jazz groove. Adam Wolf is an innovative and courageous young composer who has created something entirely different. Dig in to Rock Horn Project's next release - UNBREAKABLE - right over here.  

Rock Horn Project!

Sr. Langosta

Hailing from the great land of Puerto Rico, Sr. Langosta has been in the basement mixin up the medicine: a solid stew of Acid Jazz, Fusion, and Rock that hints clearly at the greats of the 70's. Jorge Andres Ferrreras leads the band on guitar, with Manuel Rodriguez on bass, Gamaliel Santiago on percussion, Alexandra Ferrara on keys, and Timothy Cooper on vibes. Together they travel the sonic spaceways, exploring the roots at the intersection of Jazz and Rock. This is fun music to listen to, yet you can feel the composer throughout. We are very excited about this band, and urge you to drop in here to discover the world of Sr. Langosta.

Sr. Langosta - Machine Gun (Jimi Hendrix)

Sr. Langosta Live at Libros AC - Jimi Hendrix's "Machine Gun" from Libros AC on Vimeo.

Live At The Blue Whale

On March 18, 2016 Mark de Clive-Lowe hit (the LA Jazz hotspot) The Blue Whale, positioning his first instrument, the grand piano, at the front of his technological world of keys and electronics. The band was world class - Brandon Eugene Owens, Josh Johnson, Gene Coye - and the result is full on live performance without the studio safety net. Mark pays tribute to three of his heroes - Yusef Lateef, Sun Ra, and Ahmad Jamal - in real time as he brings us LIVE AT THE BLUE WHALE on February 17th. Available on CD, Vinyl, and Download - preorder physical copies here, preorder begins on Itunes on January 20. 

Two Faced

Four Letter Word

Today marks the release of the epic AFRO-CARIBBEAN MIXTAPE from Mr. Nicholas Payton. The first comment on Itunes states 'Im not sure what you call this crap. One thing's for certain: it ain't jazz' and the second comment states 'Nicholas Payton has been known to push the limits of traditional jazz'. And so it begins - BUT the point is that ACM is a nuanced, complex discussion between an inspired artist and the world - a discussion in which Mr. Payton's view is beautifully expressed, with the groove. So sit back and take the time to let this story unfold.  


afro-caribbean mixtape

'While Black is a race, it is also a synonym for African. We aren't born a race - we are raced. But despite any structural attempts by the dominating class to suppress our spirits, there is a light that still shines within.' (Nicholas Payton). Thus begin the liner notes for AFRO-CARIBBEAN MIXTAPE, a master work from Mr. Payton that brings his full essence as a musician, a composer, and a Black man in America. Afro-Caribbean Mixtape delivers the history OF the music, IN the music. Drop in right here for a first listen and to pre-order your copy.    

Nate Smith

We live in an exciting time for music - jazz players are stepping out and making records that groove, records that cross into (dare we say it) popular music. Nate Smith arrives today with his debut album - KINFOLK:Postcards From Everywhere - and it's a banger. Of course the drumming is as tight as it gets, but this is a story, a vibe, and a collection of songs that will move you. With a solid band and featuring Dave Holland, Lionel Loueke, Chris Potter, Gretchen Parlato, Adam Rogers, and Amma Whatt, KINFOLK covers a LOT of ground. Take a moment, turn everything else off, and dig right in.