naughty professor

We are proud to welcome this innovative new group of six passionate and innvoative young cats from. Naughty P starts with a respectful nod to the tradition and feel of New Orleans, and adds, well, whatever they want. A bit of jazz improv here, some screaming guitar there, a little booty shakin funk right where it counts. Exactly what gets us going. The band just got off a heavy week at jazzfest, and are hitting the road, starting in Chicago for a Ropeadope throwdown with Spare Parts and bass legend Bill Dickens. Now that's how it's done. 

naughty Professor

Ropeadope sur

May 12 marks the official launch of Ropeadope SUR, our new label based in Mexico City. Founded by Todd Clouser and Hernan Hecht, the label will connect artists in Mexico and southward to the Ropeadope family. In the new world of no boundaries, we have the opportunity to drop right in on the thriving local music scene in Mexico City and beyond. First up is an amazing release from Los Cardencheros de Sapioriz, the last performing group of an a capella Mexican slave song tradition. This is as real as it gets - stop in here to connect with SUR and right here to learn about Los Cardencheros. 

The many worlds of leo sidran

We're thoroughly enjoying the diverse talents of Leo Sidran, from his latest release (Mucho Leo) to his in depth podcasted interviews with the greats (Third Story). Yesterday he dusted off this gem that he recorded with Andre De Shields and Ben Sidran. If you are looking for context on Baltimore, in a swinging, profound musical setting then get on the loop de loop. 


Ropeadope X Brooklyn Bowl

Tonight is the night in BK as 3XDope rolls through with MK Groove Orchestra, Kuf Knotz, and Sly 5th Ave's Club Casa Chamber Orchestra. A diverse and exciting lineup from some of the hardest working cats in the business, with DJYN spinning some Ropeadope classics to keep the groove all night.  RSVP and grab tickets right here. Get your playlist set up with selections from MK, Kuf, and Sly. Make it a bad*ss Monday.    

Rising Soul

Next week marks the US release of some sweet soul from the land of the rising sun. Nagashima Tomoko is NIA - her self titled debut was recorded in NY with the great Takuya Kuroda on trumpet, Kris Bowers on piano, Jeremy Most on guitar, Adam Jackson on drums, and Corey King on trombone. It's got that cool vibe with Nia's strikingly fresh vocal throughout. Drop in right here for some visuals of the making of the record, and stop in over here to preorder your copy from Atlanta Records. 

Parade of One

We dig what this cat does. Traveling the world with just a saxophone, Jeremy Danneman is on a one man mission to unite people through music. Just check the faces on the kids (and Adults) right here and you can see the healing of harmonious exchange. Jeremy is cueing up his next project and needs support to make it happen - drop in right here and get with the new way. Check Jeremy's first record right over here.

Juju Fest

Ropeadope all star Raja Kassis has teamed up with Luke Quaranta of Toubab Krewe to assemble a tour of historic depth and proportion. Starting in New Orleans, Juju Fest joins a cast of heavy hitters - Eric Benny Bloom (lettuce), Kris Royal (Rebulution, Dark Matter), Morgan Price (FELA!), and Weedie Braimah (Nth Power) - and brings in renowned West African musicians to be announced. Featuring Pirates Choice and Raja Kassis' HumanBEING,  Jujufest is a celebration of West African music in a city that defines diversity and music. It all starts tomorrow folks, so slip this into your jazzfest schedule and be amazed. Start right here for info.     

Ajoyo - benskin