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RVA All Day

Next up from our friends at Jellowstone Records in Richmond VA - FUTURE PROSPECT - a new septet of RVA's finest young jazz musicians. The band is Trey Sorrells, Jackson Shurlds, Ryan Moses, Jacob Ungerleider, Morgan Burrs, Brandon Lane, and Cleandre Foster. The sound? Funky, expansive and dreamlike - reminiscent of the seventies fusion sound but with a fresh feel. The band's ability to take their time speaks of maturity beyond their years. Their full length debut, The Climb, drops on July 29 - step over here to preorder.

Future Prospect

Winston Byrd

We met Winston Byrd when he was back in Philly recording with Jimmy Stephens, and we picked up his positive, life embracing energy right away. We'd seen the who's who of people he has played with, and it wasn't long before he brought up the idea of a solo project. Our response - let's do it! A handshake and a beer later it was set, and Winston disappeared into LA studio land with a remarkable cast of young musicians. And now it's here - ONCE UPON A TIME CALLED RIGHT NOW describes Winston's approach to life and music - challenging, energetic, charging in to the fray with the trumpet as his weapon of choice. There are some rather interesting, timeless selections on the record - Byrd has a way of making the old sound new, and the new sound classic. Dig in right here, it all happens this Friday.

Tyrone hendrix

Tyrone Hendrix began in the church in his home town of Oakland, performing with the renowned Castlemont Castleers. Moving to Portland, he honed his sound with a deep sense of timing and well, GROOVE. A sought after drummer who performs with Mike Phillips and Liv Warfield, among others, Tyrone has recorded his debut album with some solid help from the Portland scene - Jarrod Lawson, Tony Ozier, Farnell Newton, Saeeda Wright, and Kyle Molitor. The result is a purposely funky and oh so tight album with instrumental and vocal selections that always keep the beat. FNBeatsGalore brings the full array of the Portland sound on this one. Enough said, drop in right here and get the body and soul moving. Our fave? Hard to say, but we'll start with GAME OF THORNS.  

coast to coast

We've got the most. Thrilled to drop two East Coast gems today from SouthwesTerminal in ATL (via Atlanta Records), and Jason Fraticelli in PHL - some funk, some jazz, lots of divine inspiration. Next week we head West with Tyrone Hendrix in PDX (via FNBeats Galore) and Winston Byrd in LAX. You see, it's all different, and it's all the same, and it's neatly arranged to come at you quadraphonically. Take some time today to listen , and support these hard working, hard playing American originals.

Wet Those Fingertips

DREAM DIARIES has been described as 'the kind of rock record that only a jazz musician could write'. Premiered by Magnet and Songwriting Magazine UK, Dream Diaries is an excursion through a universe of composition and style. You can hear all the influences clearly - Ween, Zappa, King Crimson and more, with Jason's bass chops matched by the band and guests, including Cyro Baptista. All of the tracks shine in their own light, but we go back again and again for PAPER PRODUCT ABUSER, a statement on overconsumption that sounds like Mingus and Weird Al getting stoned and ridiculous at Frank Zappa's house. Feel good about it, care about it, and make sure you're spare about it.     

Jason Fraticelli

a fundamental problem we all have to deal with. now.

Once upon a time called right now

Trumpeter Winston Byrd lives like he plays - dynamic, dedicated, and free - all with an excitable attitude. He tracks his inspiration from Dizzy to Maynard Ferguson, and it shows in his playing as he is fascinated with those high notes. From the Stylistics to Aretha, Chucho and Andre3000, Winston has played with more artists than we can name. Most recently he's been on the road with Craig Robinson (The Nasty Delicious) and Meghan Trainor, but he's also been very busy in the studio preparing his first record for release on July 22. ONCE UPON A TIME CALLED RIGHT NOW features guest appearances from Julian Coryell and Asa Watkins, but also a large cast of young players from LA and Philly. Dig in right here and get a taste.