Ajoyo - benskin


Today we drop a fresh new single from Ajoyo, whose full length debut is due out on April 21.  Ajoyo blends Cameroonian rhythms with improvisational jazz and soul, with the intent of transforming deep emotions to joy. Vocalist Sarah Elizabeth Charles holds our attention as she delivers a new style of soul, with a tight cast of musicians behind her. TODAY is the last day to participate by supporting the crowdfunding campaign, or head on over here to snag the new track, Idanwo.

Spare Parts featuring Fareed Haque

Get Free!

new new new

We're cooking (with gas) over here at the fake offices, with our Interdependent labels dropping great new music in the coming weeks. Check Atlanta Records for news of Rhonda Thomas and Farnell Newton, Jellowstone brings us KINGS (Are you ready?), and GroundUP is cueing up more tasty goodness from Mr. Bill Laurance. Our roster gets a little bigger with the much anticipated Kuf Knotz single, Get Free, due out next week and a fascinating release from Jeremy Danneman and his Parade of One. The industry is paying attention, but we're counting on you to spread the word about these hardworking and prolific artists. 

Fresh Cut Orchestra Debut

Christian McBride mentioned it's on his list of jazz albums to watch for in 2015, Ben Ratliff mentioned it in the New York Times this past Sunday, and tastemakers from around the world are nodding their heads in approval. From The Vine, from Philly's own Fresh Cut Orchestra, drops today, and we need you to support by doing your thing the way you choose - Buy It, Share It, Post your own review, or just give it some stars over at Itunes. This is how the community supports great music, and you are part of the family. 


The Fake office is now live from New Orleans LA - A city that has always been close to our hearts. Almost 10 years ago they tried to wash it away, but the soul does not die and great music is still created, played, and lived right here. We're visiting with many, but the main event is Snarky Puppy's Family Dinner Volume 2. Last night we caught some rehearsals with the great David Crosby​, Susana Baca, and more. While we wait for the magic to unfold, let's go back to the beginning with Family Dinner Vol 1. Enjoy.  

Nicky Egan X Goste

Dig this new track from Ropeadope songstress Nicky Egan, produced by NY experimental electronic artist Goste. Catch Nicky live this Saturday at The Living Room in Brooklyn for a Valentine's Day medley of 'super questionable' love songs. 

Kuf Knotz on tour

Our very own Kuf Knotz is hitting the road as we get ready for his next full length release - A Positive Light - on March 24th. We've been waiting on this one for some time, and it has everything you'd expect and a whiole lot more. The first single drops on Feb 24, and it's called GET FREE. Check Kuf's dates right here and stay tuned right here for the music.

Snarky Puppy X Metropole Orkestra