Day Dreamer

Jesse Fischer mixes it up with the best, and we are thrilled to say that his seventh album, Day Dreamer, will be released here at Ropeadope next month. Passionate and persistently active in the scene, Jesse delivers a vulnerable and purely emotional album - Day Dreamer. Guest appearances from Takuya Kuroda, Sarah Elizabeth Charles, and Zack Brock round out the direct and carefully crafted album. Step in here to keep up with the news, and while you're waiting dig Jesse's recent project with Sly5thAve right here.

Loli Molina

Our neighbors to the south are ready to drop the second Ropeadope Sur release, this time a gem from Argentina. Singer and songwriter Loli Molina has a wide array of influences from Joni Mitchell to Ali Farke Toure; and puts it into perspective - 'I like all music except those that are not true...' See what Rolling Stone Argentina has to say right here, enjoy Loli's beautiful rendition of 'High and Dry' right here, and get on the list at Ropeadope Sur for more details. Loli's new album, Rubi, drops on August 21.  

Born to play the bass

Everything we do is gonna be funky, from now on. August 7 is the date the we drop the next record from Mr Ethan Farmer, AKA Ebassman. The man with the style and the groove, Ethan Farmer has been on the road with many, including Janet Jackson and Lionel Richie. Farmer's Vineyard is his Ropeadope debut, and it's got that signature feel. Check Ethan right here and here, and flash back to his Super Bowl commercial with Craig T. Robinson.  

First World Problems

Rockwood is the place

New. York. City. The most amazing place on this here planet earth. Where everything happens, all at once. We are packing up the fake office tomorrow and taking up temporary residence at Rockwood Music Hall as Kuf Knotz, Kalen & The Sky Thieves, and Butcher Brown get ready to throw down like tomorrow isn't there. The show is FREE, but we do reccomment that you drop a dollar for each of the players (That's 12 all together) if you dig what they do. Can't make it? Not to worry, you can drop in for a special collection of music and support right here.


Rolling Stone Argentina broke the news about the next Ropeadope Sur release, set to drop right here on August 21st. An MTV Latino award winner, Loli Molina brings a staggering array of influences into her gentle and evocative guitar playing and stunning vocals. The album is called Rubi, and it will guide you to a dreamy world of thought and reflection. Check Ropeadope Sur right here, drop by and like Loli right here, and stay tuned for pure beauty.  

Root Rock Reggae

We just got back from the Prince Polo Records kickoff bash with Quizflo and the Town Band - Raja Kassis, Billy Polo, Elenna Canlas, Justin Kimmel, Aisha Cohen and Pauly Ethnic laid down the root with now and future star Quizflo performing songs from his upcoming release, Out From The Nest. This was OG and straight outa the future all at once. Drop in over here and like this spot to stay in the know. 

Analog Lives

What happens when your TASCAM 388 is on the fritz? You call the twins - Nick and Michael Rufolo (AKA The Brothers Nylon) and they fix it, dropping an entire EP of analog sounds in the process. Michael Kammers (MKGO) took the project from start to finish with the twins and some special guests, recording everything on the quick to capture each creative moment. The result - Analog Spirit Quest Vol 1: a retro-futuristic jam that sounds like time stretched through space the MK way. Dig it here, support spontaneous ART.  

Reggae Time

All in good time; Ropeadope is jumping in to the world of reggae as we introduce the next imprint in our family of labels - PRINCE POLO RECORDS. At the helm is New York producer Billy Polo, who knows reggae like he knows his own soul. The label will kick off with releases from Quizflo and Ruff Scott (Easy Star). The sound will be authentic, with firm roots in the deep well of the past and fresh sounds of the present. Check out Billy's sessions with the legendary Clive Chin right here, and get down with the launch party right over here. Stay tuned folks, this right here will be proper.

Ropeadope LIVE

From coast to coast we got the most! TONIGHT: Karikatura at the Club Congress in Tucson AZ, and dred scott trio at Bar LunÀtico in the BK. FRIDAY: Mark de Clive-Lowe with Jason Lindner and Louis Cole at The Blue Whale in LA, Freekbass at the Abbey Pub in Chi-town, and Marilyn Carino at Nublu in NY. SATURDAY: Mike Nagoda at London (Ontario) Pride, and the Quizflo party to launch Prince Polo Records in Brooklyn. Next TUESDAY is the Ropeadope event to be at, with Kalen & The Sky Thieves, Butcher Brown, and Kuf Knotz all on the bill at Rockwood. Uh HUH.