Remembering 2014 - Underground System

This one just hit us in the you know what - NY based Underground System is a 10 member band founded by Peter Matson and led by the incredibly dynamic Domenica Fossati. The blending of afrobeat with a heavy dance groove, and a female frontline that can dance you until you lose your mind. The lead track from their EP has grabbed the attention of remixers worldwide, most recently by the great Leo Mas. Check the new new right here, and visit the B side from 2014 right over here.  

Underground System (2/4/14)

2014 Countdown - Underground system

This one came to us from the hotspot of Brooklyn NY. Underground System is a culturally diverse mix of people and sound, taking afrobeat, Baile funk, and emceeing and twisting a renowned international folk song (Bella Ciao) into a driving dance beat. They're the first shot in a growing movement we like to call trans-global music, representing the diffuse elements of the world. Their Ropeadope debut, Bella Ciao, is right here for your listening pleasure, and here's a little remix treat for your next party. dig.

Bella Ciao

Time to groove (again)

Underground System drops Bella Ciao Remixed today with dance hall versions of Bella Ciao and D.O.N. that will move you. Five remixes from Cheif Boima, Archie Pelago, Peter Matson, Big Everything, Kool & Kass. Pick it up at Itunes or Bandcamp, and see what OkayAfrica has to say right here.

Afrobeat (R)evolution

In 2004 we released the Antibalas record, Who Is This America?, helping to revise the definition of Afrobeat for the new milennium. WITA is now widely considered a classic Afrobeat staple, and now we're continuing the Ropeadope way of challenging the genre with new artists who are rooted there but have new ideas. First up is Underground System - with the single Bella Ciao out last month and more new music to come. Summer 2014 will also see new music from The Funk Ark, led by Antibalas member Will Rast. And there's more, but we can't tell you yet. Stay Tuned. 

Bella Ciao

'The world is waking outside my window' reads one of the many interpretations of this early 20 th century folk song from Italy. Sung by the anti-fascist movement in Italy in the 1940's, and last year in Taksim Square. Recorded by crooners, folkies, and punks from Gomez Naharro to Manu Chao to Chumbawumba, Bella Ciao is one of those songs that endures. And now, Brooklyn's mutli cultural Underground System brings a quite  different interpretation to the world - steeped in afrobeat, crafted for the dance floor, Bella Ciao becomes an even more positive anthem. Drops tomorrow on Itunes, get it here today.

underground System

We're making space for the dance floor here at the fake offices in preparation for the undergound invasion. Underground System has been shaking booties in Brooklyn and beyond since 2010, and it's about time we had some serious dance music up in here. A truly multi cultural (and gender) band, Underground System starts with a familiar afrobeat sound and then makes it their own. Get up (and get down) with their sound right here while we get ready to drop their new single, Bella Ciao, on February 4. Bet you can't stand still.

95 South

2014 Preview - Underground System

Out of (where else?) NYC come Underground System - with roots in Afrobeat and feet on the dance floor. Freaky, multicultural, caught somewhere between militant and carefree. The band starts with Peter Matson and Domenica Fossati and includes a balanced-gender roster of 10 core members. Crossing all the lines, Underground System is a powerful live experience. Their Ropeadope debut single drops on February 4 - in the meantime dig the sound and get the news right over here.