El Temblor (Trio Subtonic)

south by northwest

This week marks the release of the heavy groovin album FICTION from Trio Subtonic, and Ropeadope Sur nomad in chief TODD CLOUSER is heading up the coast to lay it down with GALEN CLARK. Check the impromptu four piece with Galen, Todd, Damian Erskine, and Tarik Abouzied in Seattle, Portland, Eugene, and Talent this week. Dates are here, get your mind and body in the deep deep groove right here. Support the music by getting to the gig, picking up a copy for you and your friends, or spreading the word. Thank You.  

Sand Dollar (Trio Subtonic)

El Temblor

trio Subtonic

From Portland comes TRIO SUBTONIC - heavy, groove driven jazz funk described by the Portland Mercury as 'spiraling, gorgeously chaotic instrumentation'. A little feel of some of the Keyboard greats that have graced the Ropeadope roster, with a deep Morphine slash Velvet Underground tone - like a freight train rolling slowly through the city at night. Galen Clark leads the trio on keys, with Bill Athens on bass and Russ Kleiner on drums. This is the deepest and most expansive of power trios. The new record - FICTION - hits on June 17, your chance to support the preorder starts tomorrow. Stop by here and get with the Subtonic groove.