Jungle Earth (A love Electric)

Psychmonde is out today

We've been digging in deep on this new Todd Clouser / A Love Electric record - PSYCHMONDE. You can feel the heavy influence of Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, and William Burroughs - but tinged with the restless soul of a man who reflects on the world from the street rather than the writer's chair. With John Medeski laying down the B3 rhythms, and long time ALE bandmates Hernan Hecht and Aaron Cruz hanging sometimes odd meter and sometimes driving rock behind Todd's pointed and poignant lyrics, Psychmonde is a haunting, REAL, and tightly focused work of art that delivers heavy social critique. Appearing in the context of Todd's work, Psychmonde is the record that ties everything together and reveals the full power of his path, all with a groove. This is what tomorrow's art, poetry, and music sounds like - rising up from the masses. Support and enjoy right here

Jungle Earth

A Love Electric - Psychmonde

Millennium man TODD CLOUSER is joined by Ropeadope founder JOHN MEDESKI for the next release on Ropeadope SUR, and it just makes perfect sense. Todd is just as comfortable in the barrio as he is in the downtown jazz scene, and Psychmonde feels like his message and style is perfectly refined in one album. Psychmonde is deep, direct and honest - with a groove. Hernan Hecht and Aaron Cruz round out A LOVE ELECTRIC, again with a sense that Psychmonde is the maturing blend of Todd's vision and the band's live experience. This may be the record that allows us all to fully understand Todd Clouser - maybe. Dig in here for an early listen, and cue it up for preorder. 

Radio 21 Million

Our staunch allies and arbiters of taste in the UK - SOULANDJAZZ.COM - have connected with our staunch ally and arbiter of good taste in MX - TODD CLOUSER - in an old school new school radio program that delivers the most diverse and explosive playlists we've seen. Todd's vast musical interest expressed on a truly devoted platform in high quality audio. As The SoulandJazz folks would say - #HAPPYEARS. Dig in right here, check out Todd's latest with A Love Electric right here, and say hello to Mr. Hurst right here.

A Love Electric

World traveler, man of the people, collaborative genius and eternal defender of the stand strong mind -  TODD CLOUSER delivers the next installment of A LOVE ELECTRIC on April 29th. PSYCHMONDE will be next release from Clouser's label, Ropeadope SUR, and it's heavy and positive all at once. Ropeadope founder JOHN MEDESKI is all over the record, with guests Arto Lindsay and young rappers Metnal and Baba Slick reinforcing the full worldly power of the band. Vivo Latino describes ALE this way: “A savage guitarist, a merciless drummer, an enormous bassist”. Todd Clouser's vision and voice are distinct, and PSYCHMONDE feels like the full realization of his path. DIG THIS.      

Ropeadope Sur

As we continue on our path of connecting artists worldwide, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Ropeadope SUR. Founded by Todd Clouser and partnering with Hernan Hecht, the label will connect artists in Mexico and southward to better serve and encourage the creation and economic viability of true independent art and thought. Look for the first release On May 12th from Los Cardencheros de Sapioriz, the last performing group of an acapella Mexican slave song tradition. Serious business, this. Tune in here for news as it happens.       

Twenty One Hundred

2014 countdown - A love electric

Todd Clouser returns to Ropeadope with his fourth album, Son Of A Hero, featuring John Medeski and A Love Electric bandmates Aaron Cruz and Hernan Hecht. A powerful mix of jazz and rock, the album delivers Todd's view of life in the shadow of his musical predecessors and his comfort in owning that space. Driving tracks like 'Be The Evolution' and '2100' show the artist's thoughtful reflection on the state of our world and the positive forward motion that must be attained. Dig in right here and support a man on a mission. Look for big things from Todd in his home base of Mexico City in 2015.

Be The Evolution