Tight Speedo Overload

Yes, that IS one of the lines on The Sharp Things new record - EverybodyEverybody - due out this Friday. The album is filled with Perry Serpa's poginant and witty lyrics, from the slight dig on the culture to seasoned messages of hope, love, and light. This is a band that believes in the enduring power of well crafted rock and roll. It's light and airy, it's down and dirty, and completely in earnest. Add in the balance of Jim Santo's classic guitar licks with sweeping, dramatic arrangements and we end up in a place where all of the heroes of rock and roll are present, the world is sad but the road is wide open in front of us. We think The Sharp Things are On the verge of something BIG. Dig it right here, and let us know what your favorite track is. 

EverybodyEverybody (Preorder Now)

If you're hip to The Sharp Things you know they are in the midst of a four album series dubbed THE DOGS OF BUSHWICK, and you've probably caught them on the road with The Church or Polyphonic Spree. It is with great pleasure that we present the final chapter in the series - EVERYBODYEVERYBODY - set for release here at Ropeadope on February 19th. With tracks like 'Sport's Drinking Again' and 'Daphne's Coming Over', the album has a beautiful feel that spans from retro to futuristic, all with solid composition from Perry Serpa, layers of sound, and some serious solos from the enigmatic Jim Santo. We don't do ROCK often, but when we do - it's The Sharp Things. Drop in and get sharp.

Dogs Of Bushwick