2014 countdown - The Funk Ark

Crisp guitar (and Bouzouki) intros backed by heavy (body moving) grooves mark the fourth album from The Funk Ark. Led by Antibalas member Will Rast, The Funk Ark takes afrobeat into new territory without losing the core. We're cueing up the album for our New Year's Eve playlist here at the fake office to celebrate the year, the sound, and the musical precision and dedication. Jump right in here and stream Man Is A Monster, and please support by picking up a copy, sending a gift, or simply sharing the news. 

The Funk Ark has landed

all aboard - the funk ark

Led by Antibalas member Will Rast, The Funk Ark lives up to their name. They're going to save us from the deluge of stereotypical sound and take us to the new land of transglobal music, and we're gonna dance all the way home. Check their new release today - Man Is A Monster - on Itunes, or grab your copy right here to support the groove. Help the band by sharing right over here

a hard rain’s a gonna fall

We've been on the authentic-yet-different afrobeat tip since we dropped Antibalas' Who Is This America? back in 2004. The evolution of music is the driving force that keeps this whole thing spinning, and now Will Rast of Antibalas brings the next phase to reality with The Funk Ark. Serious players, serious business, serious groove. That's what this band is all about, so dig in right here and get busy.