Ropeadope Artists on the road

Fall is in full swing as Ropeadope artists bring the music to the people. First up - Ropeadope: LIVE in ATL with Shaun Martin, Mark Lettieri, and newcomers THE 4 KORNERS hitting Venkman's for what will be an epic night of music. From there it's off to Europe as both Christian Scott and Terrace Martin criss cross the land on their tours. We're pulling up the fake office and hitting the road, so check the dates and meet us in ATL, or London, or Hamburg, or Paris, or....

Portal Of Gold

The 4 Korners

From Atlanta GA come Clarence (TLee) Hill, James and Isaac Thompson, and Jerrod (JRod) Sullivan - THE 4 KORNERS. These cats are the real deal, with high energy sound that pays tribute to Chick Corea, Yellowjackets, and Dave Weckl while holding something sacred in the sound. The new 4 Korners album - PORTAL OF GOLD - is ready for worldwide release on October 28th, and it reads from start to finish like a story of life - the challenges, the triumphs, the energy of being here on planet Earth. Drop in here to stream some and support.