Remembering 2014 - Takashi Tsuzuki

Clearly a master at ambient landscapes of electronic sound for film and tv, Takashi Tsuzuki has always been a favorite here at Ropeadope. When he hit us up with the idea of two albums highlighting his career we just said YES. In June of 2014 we released FROM JAPAN and FROM TOKYO back to back, and both records remain in rotation at the office to this day. All of the Japanese style of electronica is there, but Takashi hits a melodic and rhythmic style that expand the mood. Dig in right here for a visit to the east.  

Takashi Tsuzuki (6/24/14)

2014 countdown - takashi tsuzuki

We checked in on our resident soundscape engineer Takashi Tsuzuki after the Fukushima tragedy, reminding him of his lifeline to music and people worldwide. He bounced back with not one but two releases that tell the story (ies) of his life. FROM JAPAN and FROM TOKYO are dreamlike, explorative adventures in sound that send you deep into the world of reflection. It's headphones on for these records, two must have releases for your collection. Trust us, you will find a time in your life that this journey is needed. Dig in right here and support the man and his music.

Nippon Son

A young Japanese boy is classically trained from the age of seven, hears rock and roll music and trades his violin for a Hofner bass. Thus begins the musical exploration of Takashi Tsuzuki. After four long years Takashi returns to Ropeadope with two releases - 'From Japan' and 'From Tokyo'. Takashi's compositions are a mix of organic and electronic sounds that are deep, emotive, and dramatic - as if he is musically narrating the subconscious mind or an ancient subterranean world. Both albums are set for worldwide release on June 24 th, and we highly recommend them as a set.Tune in right here for a sneak listen.