Wrap Party (Tacuma Bradley’s Unity Band)

Meet the (Unity) Band

Tacuma Bradley’s Unity band has that SWING. It all starts with Will Slater on bass, bringing the groove as drummer Jeremy Noller gently drops in the mix but not in the WAY. Daniel Levine (Underground Horns) on trumpet with some smooth lines and interplay with Tacuma on sax. Add Nick Sanders on keys and the groove is complete, as MC Tavi Fields (who once played a muppet alongside Common) tells it on the mic. This is a band that knows how to chill - the interplay feels like a group of cool cats who grew up in the neighborhood. The kind of thing that just makes you feel cool. Get with the Joint Effort right here.  

Boxing With The Beat (Tacuma Bradley)

Grocer’s Delight (Tacuma Bradley)

Tacuma Bradley’s Unity Band

Brooklyn NY : Home of diversity and musical creation. Enter Tacuma Bradley - his Japanese mother and African-American father were both pianists, so Tac was immersed in music from the start. After a class with renowned saxophonist Anthony Braxton his instrument of choice was set, and the big man with an even bigger smile set out to bring his positive vibe to the world. Tacuma Bradley's Unity Band - inspired by J Dilla, St. Germain, and Herbie - bring Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Funk with a cool swagger. The music is the message, and it's a story of hope and joy. Dig the Unity right here, and stay tuned for JOINT EFFORT to hit your ears on March 25th.