Sr. Langosta

Hailing from the great land of Puerto Rico, Sr. Langosta has been in the basement mixin up the medicine: a solid stew of Acid Jazz, Fusion, and Rock that hints clearly at the greats of the 70's. Jorge Andres Ferrreras leads the band on guitar, with Manuel Rodriguez on bass, Gamaliel Santiago on percussion, Alexandra Rivera on keys, and Timothy Cooper on vibes. Together they travel the sonic spaceways, exploring the roots at the intersection of Jazz and Rock. This is fun music to listen to, yet you can feel the composer throughout. We are very excited about this band, and urge you to drop in here to discover the world of Sr. Langosta.

Sr. Langosta - Machine Gun (Jimi Hendrix)

Sr. Langosta Live at Libros AC - Jimi Hendrix's "Machine Gun" from Libros AC on Vimeo.