Must be nice

Russ Lawton and Ray Paczkowski are back! The power (Drums and Hammond) Duo are at it again with the followup to the 2015 Smashed World EP. This one's called MUST BE NICE and we sense a deliberate double meaning - a little bit of sarcasm, a little bit of warning to the world, and a whole lot of heavy groove. Digging into the pool of rhythm and melody, drawing from the funk and Afrobeat, Ray and Russ smash it all up. Be ready, because they come right of of the gate with that sound. Check in on Must Be Nice right here, call your Mom, and smile at the next person you see. Because you must. 

Celebrating 2015 - Soule Monde

Russ Lawton and Ray Paczkowski are SOULE MONDE. You may remember Ray & Russ from such bands as The TREY ANASTASIO BAND, and that they dropped their EP - SMASHED WORLD - right here in September. Though the EP was to be a preview of a full length album (due out next year), it stands on its own as an album of solid grooves and serious improvisation. Check the thing right here, dow your best to get into the NYE show in Vermont, or head on down 95 to seee the Joisey shows.

Soule Monde (9/25/15)

TBT - Live At Tonic

This right here was a golden moment in Ropeadope History - Christian Mcbride at the legendary downtown hotspot on an icy night in the winter of 2005. Christian's band was joined by DJ Logic, Jason Moran, Charlie Hunter, Scratch, Eric Krasno, and more special guests for two shows that went all night. The whole thing recorded for eternity and delivered in a three CD set. The tradition of improvised jams continues here at Ropeadope as we prepare for tomorrow's release from Soule Monde - check out their version of La Grange and support these hardworking cats. 

The best reason!

The year was 2005, and Ropeadope released the critically acclaimed 'Best Reason To Buy The Sun' from a little know two man band called The Benevento Russo Duo. The sound was (is) BIG, the album drew critical acclaim, and Joe Russo and Marco benevento went on to great things. This Friday's release from Soule Monde delivers a BIG sound from Russ Lawton and Ray Paczkowski in the same tradition. Put the headphones on, lean back, and click here to dig right in.

kick out the jams

As we get ready for the new Soule Monde EP from Ray Paczkowski and Russ Lawton (Trey Anastasio Band), we are reminded of the rich legacy of heavy improvisational jams here at Ropeadope. In the early years DJ Logic dominated the scene, and this little gem we found in the fake vaults proves it. On 9/10/01 Logic threw down for what would be the final night of jams at Wetlands Preserve, with special guests Stanley Jordan, Mike Gordon, and Warren Haynes in an unabashed endless groove. it did end though, in the morning light of 9/11 fans and musicians made the trek home just hours before 9/11 became fixed in the history of the world. The night stands in sharp contrast to the events of the next day, and takes us back to a moment when the music took us all away. That tradition lives on, so take a listen and then head over to support Soule Monde in their quest for the ultimate jam.

Soule Monde

Get ready folks - power drummer Russ Lawton and B3 wizard Ray Paczkowski have joined the Ropeadope family and are ready to drop some heavy heavy avant-funk on the world. Ray & Russ are taking a moment from their Trey Anastasio Band schedule to continue the legacy of fluid funk with improvisational jazz sensibilities. Soule Monde's SMASHED WORLD EP is the first chapter, and it drops right here on September 11. We'll have some fun trips through the intertwined history of the sound and the label coming at you very soon.