Celebrating 2015 - Sidewalk Chalk

With a deep sense of history, this cast of new-beat generation troubadours and social justice messengers carry music and art across the US. A unique configuration - jazz band with horn section, soulful vocalist and emcee, Sidewalk Chalk caught our attention with their live release, SHOULDER SEASON. Soul bounce told it like this...“Sidewalk Chalk dispels all the neat little boxes that individuals like to place musicians in as their sound is a fruit salad of hip-hop, jazz, soul and a splash of funk.” Take a long listen to Sidewalk Chalk right here, and remember the words of the band - We must. Do better. At loving. Each other.  

Blue - Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk - get It Right!

So Close

When We say sidewalk…

you say Chalk! This band from Chicago is dancing the line between Jazz and Hip-Hop, with solid social commentary and swingin grooves. Just because the world needs fixing doesn't mean you can't dance. Dig into the world of Rico Sisney, Marga Marion, and their school bus riding band of musical ambassadors. Dare we say a modern version of the Merry Pranksters, armed with history? We just did. Start right here to see the music, and drop in over here to get the live CD/DVD.   

Vibration - Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk X Ropeadope

You might have noticed the videos we dropped last week from Chicago's Sidewalk Chalk - Huffington Post certainly did. Yes, it's out - Sidewalk Chalk will drop their next record, Shoulder Season, right here on February 3. Compiled from seven live performances across the US, Shoulder Season signifies transition, a time in between two places, a feeling of expectation for what is to come. look for more videos to hit each week, and preorder the full Cd and DVD package right over here.    

Them, Us - Sidewalk Chalk

Don’t Cry - Sidewalk Chalk Video Premiere