Celebrating 2015 - Shayna Steele

We fell in love with Shayna Steele the minute we saw her perfomance on Snarky Puppy's Family Dinner. At the top of 2015 she sent us an amazing record, aptly titled RISE, with an all star lineup including Robert Randolph, Christian McBride, Marcus Miller, Eric Harland and more. RISE showed the range of Shayna's diverse musical influences and vocal talent, with some standout tracks written by Shayna with her husband and partner David Cook. Here's a line that stands true today - 'A bad enough situation, that's sure enough getting worse - Everybody's crying justice, just as soon as it's business first'. Check the record here and support true music.

Shayna Steele (1/20/14)

Gone Under (Shayna Steele & Snarky Puppy)

The power and the glory

We all saw Shayna Steele's powerful performance on Snarky Puppy's Family Dinner Vol 1, and now it is time to unveil her second studio album, Rise. The list of credits is stunning - David Cook, Marcus Miller, Christian McBride, Robert Randolph (and more) deliver the most solid of musical foundations for Shayna's incredible range. Sensuous, dreamlike, soft, reflective, powerful and hard rocking, testifying to the glory of the Lord - all of these descriptions apply to the diverse styles on Rise, and Shayna nails every single one of them. A truly FULL record that fits the Ropeadope ethos of charting new territory while respecting history. Dig in and preorder right here, and support the amazing talent of Shayna Steele.

Shayna Steele X Snarky Puppy

Wear Me Down - Shayna Steele X Robert Randolph

Dig THIS - Shayna Steele's first single from her upcoming release drops today, and it features the unmistakeable Robert Randolph (The Word) on pedal steel with Eric Harland and Marcus Miller laying down the groove behind David Cook's driving piano. This right here is exactly what we live for. Pick it up on Itunes and jump start your soul.

all rise for shayna steele

We are very pleased to announce that we will be leading off 2015 with a full length release, Rise, from the incredible Shayna Steele. Look for the first single to hit right here and everywhere on November 25 th, a smoking track featuring Robert Randolph. Rise drops on January 20th with a host of amazing musicians on board including Christian McBride and Marcus Miller. Dig 'Wear Me Down' right here, and take a trip back to Snarky Puppy's Family Dinner with Shayna right here.

Gone Under