Celebrating 2015 - Shaun Martin

THIS one right here! Shaun Martin - the man, the legend - joined the Ropeadope family this summer as a solo artist with his seven years in the making debut album. 7 SUMMERS is what a record is supposed to be - a chronicle of artitistic expression for all time - and in Shaun’s case it is very personal as he documents his life over the course of seven years. Special guests abound - Geno Young, Adrian Hulet, Nikki Ross, Mark Lettieri, Sput Searight, RC Williams, and Claudia Melton. Every track is beyond strong, with the crowning jewel MADIBA - Shaun’s timeless gift to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela. If you haven’t heard this record, NOW is the time - Enjoy.  

Shaun Martin (7/7/15)

Shaun Martin On Tour

In the middle of producing three albums this year (Kirk Franklin, Geoffrey Golden, 7 Summers), Shaun Martin dropped his amazing debut album and still finds the time to get out on the road to bring the music to YOU. If you missed the epic 7 Summers check it right here, and get out to see Shaun LIVE; tour dates are right here.

Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela!

The Yellow Jacket - Shaun Martin

Lotus - Shaun Martin (7 Summers)

All In A Day’s Work feat Geno Young & RC Williams

One Big Party - Shaun Martin

7 Summers

We are gearing up for the highly anticipated and celebrated new release from four time Grammy winner Shaun Martin, of Snarky Puppy and Kirk Franklin fame. The record is getting rave reviews, and with good reason. Seven years in the making, Shaun's debut album shows his diversity, commitment, and impeccable style as he moves from genre to genre with ease. The support from Shaun's longtime fans has been overwhelming, and we're calling on the Ropeadope family to extend that support to give this release the push it deserves. Take a moment to preorder or simply comment on Itunes, and stay tuned for some serious tracks to drop this week.

Seven Summers

It's One Big Party over here as we get the wheels in motion for the debut album from four time Grammy winner Shaun Martin. From God's Property to Kirk Franklin to Snarky Puppy, Shaun's contributions as a player, composer, and producer are undeniable. His debut album, Seven Summers, has been seven years in the making, and it's due out on July 7 th. Seven Years, Seven Summers, Seven Seven. Head right over here and hit that like button to get on the guest list.