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Last year Russ Kaplan delivered a cohesive and in-depth (big band) jazz album that told the story of The Odyssey through music. A seemingly eclectic undertaking that managed to reach across and bring intricacy and groove together like old friends. Well, the proof of that success surfaced again yesterday as the track 'Pigz In Space' won the IMA Vox Pop award for best Funk/Fusion/Jam song. Congratulations are in order for Russ Kaplan (+7), and to the fans for getting it and casting their votes. Feel some Pigz In Space right here, and if you dig it pick up the album and support the vision. 

now dig this.

We love music, we love independent music, and we we love it when Ropeadope artists get awards. All of those things are happening right now as Russ Kaplan has been nominated in 2 categories of the IMA's. The Ulysses Cycle for best concept album (which of course it really is), and 'Pigz In Space' for best funk/fusion song. We could not agree more, and we're all headed over to the IMA's to vote - won't you join us? 

2013 Recap - Russ Kaplan + 7

This is the album that changed everything for Ropeadope in 2013. Russ Kaplan came to us with The Ulysses Cycle - a REAL concept album that tells the story of Ulysses, musically and graphically. With art and a narrative for every song, The Ulysses Cycle was clearly more than just another record, it forced us into a more creative presentation for release. The project fast became a favorite for fans and critics alike, with more than a few hot tracks that stand alone and together. Follow the story right here on Tumblr, and jump in right here and support the creative mind of Russ Kaplan. We look forward to a day when every project has this level of creative storytelling.


Tales Of Brave Ulysses

Tomorrow marks the return of Ulysses, in the form of a 20 track jazz project from composer Russ Kaplan. Check the many ways to experience this solid piece of art - download it direct with embedded art and narrative for each track right here. Enjoy the full story on your desktop or mobile right here, and jump in and post your comments and photos on the fan wall over here. If Spotify is your home, follow Russ Kaplan and hear his playlists with influences for each track right over here

Ulysses in NY!

Tonight is the night that the music comes to life. Russ Kaplan +7 unleash 'The Ulysses Cycle' at The Living Room, featuring Chesney Snow, Judy Kang, Jonathan Powell, Mike McGinnis, Kyle Saulnier, Wayan Zoey, Rohin Khemani, Tom Gavin, and of course the undeniable Moppa Elliott! If you have yet to hear it, see it, feel it - head here first, then over here to see who else digs it, then over here to get details on the show tonight.  

Russ Kaplan Live

New York Ropeadopers - Mark your calendars for next Tuesday (April 9) and head on down to The Living Room for Russ Kaplan (+7)'s record release party. Joining the mighty +7 will be special guests Chesney Snow, Judy Kang, and Lonnie Carter for a special night of music and celebration. Check the project that people are talking about right here, and see what grooveonfire is saying right here.

Ulysses on Spotify

All stories start in quiet, so listen! Russ Kaplan's new music - The Ulysses Cycle - is up on Spotify for your streaming pleasure. Check the playlist here, and follow us to get a track by track playlist of the influences and motiovation behind this incredible project.  

The Ulysses Cycle

It is said that The Odyssey was intended to be heard and not read, and in this case we heartily agree. New York jazzman and composer Russ Kaplan leads us on a journey with The Ulysses Cycle, an innovative, thoughtful, and often funky musical adventure. The journey begins right here, and the audience is encouraged to participate in the story by posting what you please right here. Streaming online until April 16, the project is available for preorders right over here. Bookmark it and spend some time on the open seas...

The Ulysses Cycle

We are putting the finishing touches on a beautifully immersive project from Russ Kaplan +7 - the tale of Ulysses in song, art, and prose. Last weekend Ken Laster offered a sneak peek of the music on 'In The Groove' at WHUS in Boston. You can grab the show at this spot and hear Ken's inspiring commentary. The album drops on April 16, and Ropeadopers will get the early views and presale options - so head on over here and like our page to keep up on the news.