TODAY is the day! InConcept from Notify is in stores worldwide, and we heartily recommend that you stop by and give it a listen. Exploring the synergies getween tradition and exploration, Padraig Rynne and his bandmates deliver a deeply thoughtful meditation on both Irish music and Jazz. Our favorite track - False Awakening - finds accomplished pianist Cormac McCarthy setting a foundation and contrast for Padraig Rynne's evocative Concertina. It's a song that sets a mood, like a misty morning. There's a reason they hit #1 in Ireland, now let's show the band some love and get them out to the world!

Meet The Band - Notify

It's a great pleasure working with these cats from Ireland; we get a sense of rich history just pronouncing their names. Cillian (Kil -e-an) King is a solo artist and in demand session guitarist who shares the vocals in Notify. Padraig (Paw-drig) Rynne designs the sound and works magic on the concertina. Eoin (Owen) Walsh is a self taught jazz bassist who has worked with the likes of Bobby Watson and more. Davie (we got this one) Ryan holds down the kit in any genre you choose. Cormac McCarthy is a composer and pianist who has recorded with Phil Woods and Jeff Hamilton. There you have it, five cats who live it and breathe it, and are very busy tapping into the eternal creative source. Their new record is #1 in jazz in Ireland, and hitting the world this week. Dig this review

In Continuum - Notify

Padraig Rynne’s Notify

Timeless music shows respect and understanding of the past while reimagining the future. Perhaps no style of music is more rooted than Irish folk, so innovation is a delicate task. Padraig Rynne handles tradition with care, with his concertina front and center, adding a swirling mix of rock, electronic, and just plain groove to bring solid experimentation and progression to the genre. NOTIFY is Padraig Rynne, Cillian King, Cormac McCarthy, Davie Ryan, and Eoin Walsh - and they set Dublin dancing on the regular. Now it's time for the world to enjoy as we prepare for their next full length recording - INCONCEPT. Drop in here to see and hear, drop in there to share. If you're feeling Ireland in the spring, get out and see Notify live. 


We've got a special treat lined up for you in April - from the mind of Padraig Rynne comes NOTIFY, and incredible band from Ireland that is rearranging and redefining Irish music in the broad idiom of 'jazz'. Formed in 2013, Notify features Cillian King, Eoin Walsh, Davie Ryan, and Cormac McCarthy. Delicately balancing organic compositions with electronic overlays, improvisation, and a touch of funk, Notify creates a flowing, futuristic soundscape that holds all the haunting feel of old Irish music. Just drop in right here for one song and you will see (and hear). Support Notify on the book of faces and stay tuned. You have been Notified.