Nicky Egan - Hallelujah

It's a courageous thing to cover Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, especially when so many have done it so well. When it's done with emotion you can feel that human breath that connects us all. Nicky Egan does just that, adding the yearning and broken edges of human frailty and then topping it off with the beauty of surrender. A timeless and beautiful song, from a voice that we all can feel. See the video, connect with Nicky if you want to hear more. We do. 


Nicky Egan X Goste

Dig this new track from Ropeadope songstress Nicky Egan, produced by NY experimental electronic artist Goste. Catch Nicky live this Saturday at The Living Room in Brooklyn for a Valentine's Day medley of 'super questionable' love songs. 

2014 countdown - nicky egan

Philly bred and Berklee trained, Nicky Egan delivers solidly written soul songs with the feel of the street. The 45 Homestead Project is a tight collection of compelling stories with a little sadness and a lot of determination. Our fave is the laid back 'Rules Within' because it asks the age old question 'Do you believe in Love?'. We DO, and we believe in Nicky Egan. Support Nicky right over here and let the world know.

Made A Fool Of Me - Nicky Egan

Made A fool Of Me

Say Anything

Train Trials

NICKY EGAN “Just Fine” B-sides LIVE from the Gibson Showroom

Philly Soul

The City Of Brotherly love is often overlooked, but never should be when it comes to soul music. Case in point, the sublime new sounds of Nicky Egan. Diffuser says 'There's an emotive break in the songstress' voice that tells listeners she's been feeling what she's been writing for about a million years'. We agree. Nicky's record, The 45 Homestead project, drops right here on April 1, but you can get an early listen and preorder right over here.