Nate Smith

We live in an exciting time for music - jazz players are stepping out and making records that groove, records that cross into (dare we say it) popular music. Nate Smith arrives today with his debut album - KINFOLK:Postcards From Everywhere - and it's a banger. Of course the drumming is as tight as it gets, but this is a story, a vibe, and a collection of songs that will move you. With a solid band and featuring Dave Holland, Lionel Loueke, Chris Potter, Gretchen Parlato, Adam Rogers, and Amma Whatt, KINFOLK covers a LOT of ground. Take a moment, turn everything else off, and dig right in.  

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We are stoked to welcome Nate Smith to the Ropeadope family! When Nate picks up the sticks, people pay attention. When Nate Smith brings out his debut album with the likes of Kris Bowers, Jeremy Most, Amma Whatt, Lionel Loueke, and Gretchen Parlato (among many others), the whole world pays attention. KINFOLK is a stoy of Nate's musical family and journey, with fascinating interludes from his parents framing the music. It feels like his story, but it hits a very common, personal spot. Check the first single here, and stay tuned as KINFOLK unfolds.