Celebrating 2015 - Mudville

Ropeadope alum, producer and bad-ass bassist Ben Rubin hit us up with this one. Ben and the ever-intriguing Marilyn Carino cut this track for the soundtrack to the film (of the same name) by Nelson Kim; in fact Ben scored the entire film. Haunting and melodic with layers of sound, Someone Else takes you to another place. Drop in right here for the single, and right here to catch up on all things Mudville.

Mudville (3/31/15)

Mudville is coming

This week marks the release of 'Someone Else', the new single from Mudville, and we must say it is great to hear from Marilyn Carino and Ben Rubin again. If you're not on the in, head over here and get the goods, or cue up the videos of Marilyn and famous cats right here. There are rumors buzzing of a Mudville reunion show in NYC, so stay close and we'll drop it here first. Support the ongoing ART by buying, liking, sharing, caring. 

Mudville Live (w/ Mike Mills)


March 31 marks the return of Ropeadope Alum Ben Rubin AKA Benny Cha Cha (dred scott), this time with his long time partner in creation Marilyn Carino as the critically acclaimed duo of MUDVILLE. Their new single, Someone Else, was written for and featured in a new film of the same name (Ben wrote the score). Start here and here to get up with Mudville, check the film over here, and stay tuned for early listening of the single next week. 

Marilyn Carino

"I think happiness is about a person freeing themselves, and that’s the idea I’m interested in. We’ve got to feel free to fall down and be a mess, maybe fuck the wrong people. We can fail 99 times and keep coming back to get it right on the 100th. The solution to the hardening of the world around us is personal human revolution.” (Marilyn Carino) To us Marilyn is the burning ember that refuses to let the fire end, waiting for that unpredicted gust of wind that sets the whole world ablaze once more. Marilyn has appeared with Mike Mills and David Byrne, written for Sly and Robbie, and returns yet again with the duo that started it all, Mudville.   

Someone Else Trailer

Benny Cha Cha

We first connected with Ben Rubin as a member of the dred scott trio - our first face to face was at Duc Des Lombards in Paris and his gentle demeanor left hints of a ferocious desire to create. Recently Ben produced Tim Ries' Quintet (w/Nicholas Payton), scored a feature film (Someone Else), and mixed the debut album from Walking Distance. All while remaining an active player on the NY scene. Someone Else (The Song) was written by Ben specifically for the movie, and we must say - it is flawless.