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Canadian double-slide playing, LGBT advocating, standing strong and making great music guy MIKE NAGODA is working on his next record for release right here at Ropeadope, and he needs your support to make it happen. If you are not familiar, Mike has adopted the double slide guitar as his cerebral palsy makes all other instruments impossible to handle. His first record was released here last year, and now he is teaming up with Grammy winning producer Chris Birkett to record OUTSIDE THE BOX. We've heard some of the rough mixes and it is incredibly exciting to hear Mike's development as an artist. Mike exemplifies the outsider who faces challenges and stands strong throughout to persevere - a true Ropeadope story. Please take a moment to read Mike's story right here, and support by contributing or sharing.

2014 countdown - Mike Nagoda

From the North Country comes the incredible story of Mike Nagoda. A man so dedicated to music that he overcame his disability and learned to play a new instrument - the double slide guitar - writing and recording his first full length LP, Parliament. A searing statement set in an imagined post-apocalyptic country where the people rise up and burn the government down. We admire Mike's persistence, dedication, and his development of a new and unique style of blues. Listen in right here, and support Mike on his journey by picking up your copy

Running Man - Mike Nagoda

parliament got bombed

Mike Nagoda's story is one of perserverance and inspiration. Mike has overcome significant obstacles to to be one of the world's first accomplished double slide guitar players, and has created an intriguing and powerful record  - Parliament. We're pleased to release Parliament to the world, and tell the story of this dedicated young man as he continues on his path to express himself despite the obstacles. Read Mike's story here, and please take a moment, human to human, to support him on his journey by sharing, rating, and dropping just a little of your hard earned cash on the music - you'll be glad you did.

Mike Nagoda X Parliament

Mike Nagoda Release show

Our most inspiring dude of the year award goes to Toronto's Mike Nagoda, who with great presence pushed past the supposed limitations of his cerebral palsy and learned an entirely new way to play the guitar. Mike's release show happens this  Saturday night at Rancho Relaxo, so head on out and support. In the meantime, check Mike's series on how to play the double slide right over on the youtubes

About Parliament

Tortures, Major 6th and Dominant 7th Chords

introducing: mike nagoda

Unable to play guitar because of his disability of Cerebral Palsy, Mike Nagoda was determined to find a way to express himself on the instrument he loved. Originally trained on classical piano from the age of six, it was a struggle to even find a teacher who’d take him on. Enter the double slide, created by Mike's friend and mentor Brian Cober. A second slide, placed on the thumb and able to cover two extra strings, allows the guitarist to play advanced chords. The result is an incredible mix of blues, jazz, even country and hard rock. Mike's release party is in Toronto on May 3rd, and the new album drops right here on May 6. We have nothing but respect for this man who has overcome such adversity, for the love of music. Play on, Mike.            

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