MK for president

We first connected with Michael Kammers (MK) in 2013 when his driving track BAD BRAINS became the stand strong anthem here at the fake office. In between a variety of gigs with the likes of Antibalas and Bobby Previte, and his regular weekends at The Mckittrick Hotel, Michael brings us the most unusual and compelling recorded music. For the history check out Live At Studio BPM, and then dig right in on the second volume of his latest project with The Brothers Nylon. MK and the twins are set up yet again in their unintentionally nomadic studio - Electric Windowland, teasing the vibration of the universe with Analog Spirit Quest Vol 2 - three new tracks recorded to 1/4 inch tape on a Tascam 388 eight track mixing board. The lead track, CLOTH OF GOLD, will transport you past time and space. Just lean back and believe.  

Cloth Of Gold

Analog Spirit Quest V2

MK and the Brothers Nylon are at it again, recording ASQ V2 to 1/4 inch tape on their coveted Tascam 388. Beginning at Electric Windowland and crossing over to the new spot at Charles Bronxin' Studios, Michael Kammers, Michael Rufolo, and Nick Rufolo are joined by guests Lisa McQuade, Neeraj Mehta, and Chris Kuklis for a journey in experimental analog sound. This is serious music, so set aside some time and get the headphones on. Drop in here for the lead single. 

Celebrating 2015 - Michael Kammers

Unpredictably predictable - While we never know what to expect from bandleader, composer, and (mainly) Sax player Michael Kammers (MK), we DO know that he will hit us with something adventurous and strange. This year he took THE BROTHERS NYLON on an ANALOG SPIRIT QUEST and recorded a 4 song EP entirely on a TASCAM 388. It’s a time bender in every way - get lost right here, and get up with MK here.  

The Brothers Nylon & MK (7/24/15)

Analog Lives

What happens when your TASCAM 388 is on the fritz? You call the twins - Nick and Michael Rufolo (AKA The Brothers Nylon) and they fix it, dropping an entire EP of analog sounds in the process. Michael Kammers (MKGO) took the project from start to finish with the twins and some special guests, recording everything on the quick to capture each creative moment. The result - Analog Spirit Quest Vol 1: a retro-futuristic jam that sounds like time stretched through space the MK way. Dig it here, support spontaneous ART.  

Analog Spirit Quest Vol 1

Ropeadope X Brooklyn Bowl

Tonight is the night in BK as 3XDope rolls through with MK Groove Orchestra, Kuf Knotz, and Sly 5th Ave's Club Casa Chamber Orchestra. A diverse and exciting lineup from some of the hardest working cats in the business, with DJYN spinning some Ropeadope classics to keep the groove all night.  RSVP and grab tickets right here. Get your playlist set up with selections from MK, Kuf, and Sly. Make it a bad*ss Monday.    

2014 Countdown - MK Groove Orchestra

Michael Kammers embodies everything Ropeadope stands for - he knows music, he respects music, and has no particular boundaries. Add a dose of irreverence and constant creative tinkering and you're closer to the man. Live At Studio BPM Vol. 2 dropped earlier this year, and since them Michael has built Electric Windowland Studios to deliver a continuous stream of his creations. Check the album right here, and the MK Patreon page where you can be in on epic jams from the very start. 

Cristo Redentor - MK Groove Orchestra