Michael Blake

The liner notes of Red Hook Soul tell the story - a positive dedication to both perfection of the musical craft and to the strength of the neighborhood. This record is not about pyrotechnics despite the incredible playing from the entire band - it's about a seasoned set of musicians down at the corner bar with a deep understanding of the roots of music and culture. The title track feels like an old friend, moving you down the road on the way to work at the shipyard. The rest speak of stops along the way, with a funky tribute to the great King Curtis right in the middle. Stop by here for the story, and support this seamlessy crafted piece of history.

Red Hook Soul

We've been sitting on this for a minute, and now it's time to roll back the curtain on one of our absolute favorites for 2016. It was winter in NY when Tony Scherr told us about this recording over coffee in the village. Michael Blake has a storied career - The Lounge Lizards, Pinetop Perkins, Slow Poke, and much more - balancing the high-and-low brow worlds of jazz. Red Hook Soul is his ode to the gritty neighborhood dive bar, recorded flawlessly with the best of the best. A few originals with classic covers of Gladys Knight, Otis Redding, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Ray Charles and Lana del Rey. RED HOOK SOUL is ready for prime time on 10/16 - drop in here and check out the title track, and support high quality music with your preorder.