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Spark and echo

Guitar hero MARK LETTIERI describes his third LP -“I wanted to make a statement, and in that respect it’s almost my first record...”. Aptly titled SPARK AND ECHO, the album brings Mark's powerful, finessed style to center stage with a heavy groove behind from the likes of Wes Stephenson and Jason Thomas, and special guests Shaun Martin, Milo Deering, and Bobby Sparks. Spark And Echo soothes and soars, with deep 80's rock influence that steps right into your living room without apology. An ode to several styles at once and still a clear representation of the musical narrative that only Mark can bring. Dig into Spark & Echo in hi-def right here, and if itunes is your thing head over here. Friday May 20 is the date. 

Mark Lettieri / by Pablo leoni

Mark Lettieri

Montreal - Mark Lettieri

Mark Lettieri - Goonsquad (Spark & Echo)