Celebrating 2015 - Leo Sidran

It is not uncommon for us to step into the singer/songwriter world from time to time, and we do so very carefully. It either has to have a raw feeling or a very carefully polished finish. Leo Sidran’s release, Mucho Leo, is the latter - Leo delicately crafts songs of life and love with a gentle sense of humor. This is a man who knows what a well built song sounds like, and he delivers ten songs on this album with his casual vocal phrasing. Leo’s knowledge of music is vast, and his podcast series with some VERY interesting characters shows the depth of his understanding. Dig some Leo Sidran music right here, and drop in right here for THE THIRD STORY podcasts with the likes of Becca Stevens, Alan Hampton, Madeleine Peyroux, and Jon Batiste.  

Leo Sidran (4/28/15)


Leo Sidran X Charlie Hunter

Dig THIS. Leo caught up with Charlie Hunter at Rockwood last week and some very deep convrsation ensued, as well as the humorous exchange that we have come to expect from Charlie. He's a man who doesn't take himself seriously, but takes what he DOES very seriously. Leo's style is casual, but make no mistake he gets right into the zone and covers all of the questions we want asked. Check the podcast here, check the Atlanta Records release from Charlie & Dionne Farris here, and dig into the world of Leo Sidran right over....here.

The many worlds of leo sidran

We're thoroughly enjoying the diverse talents of Leo Sidran, from his latest release (Mucho Leo) to his in depth podcasted interviews with the greats (Third Story). Yesterday he dusted off this gem that he recorded with Andre De Shields and Ben Sidran. If you are looking for context on Baltimore, in a swinging, profound musical setting then get on the loop de loop. 

Tonight Someone Is Me


The Third Story with Leo Sidran

The latest podcast from Leo Sidran is out; an in depth interview with Madeleine Peyroux recorded live at a Paris cafe. Leo flew over on a moment's notice and met with Madeleine in the shadows of Montmartre, and the real feel is evident. A one of a kind moment. Tune in here, subscribe here, and check out Leo's upcoming Ropeadope release right over here.    

The Third Story

Dig this - Leo Sidran has a podcast series called The Third Story, where he interviews some of New York's finest musicians. The in depth interviews give us an amazing glimpse into the creative world, and Leo's style and questions are right on the mark. You can tell people are at ease with a man who is one of them, and knows so much about music. Check the series right here and learn about Alan Hampton, Alex Cuba, Falu, Jacob Collier, and many more. Amazing.

Mucho leo

Leo Sidran wrote for Steve Miller and played on his album. When he was 15! Fast forward a minute or two and we find a storied career that weaves from Spain to New York with many points in between. From writing for ads and film scores, to co-producing the Academy award winning song "Al Otro Lado Del Rio" for the film The Motorcycle Diaries, Leo has been a solid contributor to the evolution of music. Leo's fourth album, Mucho Leo, hits right here on April 28, stay tuned for news.  

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