X-Jazz is coming

Here's one for all of the European Ropeadopers - XJAZZ is coming up fast and Lars Bartkuhn will be bring his delicate and precise vision of jazz to the stage on May 7th. The lineup is amazing, including Mark de Clive-Lowe, Jose James, and many many more. Check on Lars right here, and get your tickets over here. If you haven't heard Lars Bartkuhn's Passion Dance Orchestra you should head over here and dig in. It is sublime. 

Zenrock - Lars Bartkuhn

When We Arrive

Alegria (Children’s Dance - Lars Bartkuhn

All Goes Onward

The Oracle


We've had a busy year here at the fake offices, but this one has been in the works and it's time to reveal it to the world. Lars Bartkuhn is known worldwide, and he's releasing his masterwork (so far) next Tuesday. The title is Passion Dance Orchestra, and it's so sublime and beautiful that you might just miss the intense complexity of the project. The rehearsals alone are amazing, so please take the time to enjoy. Find Lars here, Like him over here, and dig the first two tracks and preorder right over here

Goodbye Dancing Hello God

Those who know, know.

We at Ropeadope have the great fortune to be able to peer into the deepest wells of music creation around the world. For the last six months we’ve had the pleasure of ongoing dialogue with Lars Bartkuhn, the creative force behind the German House collective ,NEEDS”. Lars has been navigating the deep waters of the more intricate side of the genre for many years, bringing influences of jazz, Brazilian music, soul, and funk into house music. In an age where artists drop records overnight, Lars has spent three years creating his new work - PASSION DANCE ORCHESTRA. We're gearing up for a September 23 release, so stay tuned. In the meantime, dig this.    

The Uprising (Live)