Celebrating 2015 - Kuf Knotz

We’ve been on the Kuf Knotz train since we first heard him in the mix with The Burndown Allstars back in the day, and it was a celebrated return when Kuf hit us with his latest project. In true form - A POSITIVE LIGHT expressed Kuf’s spiritual positive worldview with collaborative support from Philly, New York, and Amsterdam. The lead single - GET FREE - tells it all - ‘We speak in freedom, releasing those locked cells. some choose the green, and it’s here when all else fails’. Drop in and check out the man who passes jewels for free(dom).  

Kuf Knotz - (3/24/15)


Large UP to our long time Ropeadope alum and messenger of love and light, Kuf Knotz. A Positive Light hits everywhere today, and Kuf is hitting the road to spread the word. New York, check it this Friday night, Philly get ready for the hometown throwdown on Saturday, and RVA prepare yourselves for Kuf with Sam Reed on Monday the 30 th. Spring is here, get out and celebrate. Dig the new record, out today!

A Positive Light

It's been eight years since Philly MC Kuf Knotz landed at Ropeadope with The Burndown Allstars, and we've always been fans of his upbeat, world embracing style. And now, Kuf returns once more with his peaceful and progressive opus - A Positive Light. Kuf follows his own path, pushing Hip-Hop where he wants it to go. Dig the first single, Get Free, and preorder the full album right here. If you're plugged in to Itunes, you can preorder, rate and review right here and support Kuf on his path. 

Get Free!

Kuf Knotz on tour

Our very own Kuf Knotz is hitting the road as we get ready for his next full length release - A Positive Light - on March 24th. We've been waiting on this one for some time, and it has everything you'd expect and a whiole lot more. The first single drops on Feb 24, and it's called GET FREE. Check Kuf's dates right here and stay tuned right here for the music.

Get Free

Kuf Knotz X Robert randolph

Philly town, get out to the burbs on November 21 st as Kuf Knotz and his band open the show for Robert Randolph and The Family Band. It all goes down at the Ardmore Music Hall - the event page is right here, and you can still go old school and get your tickets direct from Kuf himself. 

Kuf Knotz X Joe Miller

Eddie green

What do we all have in common? LOVE, and in this case love for our fathers. Check this beautiful track from Philly visionary Kuf Knotz as he relates the story of his father's death. Kuf has a way of being very open and personal, evoking the personal style of John Lennon and Bob Marley before him. Kuf is real -  a personality yes, but always a person. Video is right over here.