Killiam Shakespeare X DJ Jazzy Jeff

We love surprises over here at Ropeadope, and this one just hits the spot. Steve Mckie and Corey Bernhard are the minds behind Killiam Shakespeare, and they embody the spirit of constant creativity as they make music ALL the time in their home spot of Pine Studios in Philly. Killiam Season 1 is what happens when you take a mixtape over to Jazzy Jeff's house - spontaneous collaborative creation that transcends. Corey refelects on the visit: “Working with Jeff is like being next to a wizard…someone who connects with music on a deep level is rare and nothing to be taken for granted...”. We agree, and so at a moment's notice we introduce KILLIAM SEASON 1 - THE MIXTAPE SERIES - featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff, Freeway, Aaaron Camper and more - Due out tomorrow everywhere good music can be found. Grab it now and get a couple of tracks in advance.     

much ado about something

Today marks the release of the new KILLIAM SHAKESPEARE self titled debut album, and it's a solid banger. Corey Bernhard and Steve Mckie shake everything up with special guests Chris Turner, Ebony Joi, Jennah Bell, Dai Miyazaki, Adam Blackstone and more.  Featured last week on Glles Peterson's program on the BBC, this record has all the feel of master craftsmen exploring the outer limits with abandon. The grooves will soon be legendary, so add this one to your collection today. Philly town, get up with Killiam Shakespeare tonight for a special listening party.   

KILLIAM Shakespeare

COREY BERNHARD: Toured with Kweli, Marsha, Bilal, Snarky Puppy. STEVE MCKIE: drummer for Jill Scott, Bilal, Common. Producer par excellence. CHRIS TURNER: Vocals with Bilal, the secret weapon on Snarky Puppy's Family Dinner Vol 2. You want more? Adam Blackstone, Ebony Joi, Dai Miyazaki, Pablo Batista, Jennah Bell, Anthony DeCarlo, Andre Pinckney, Aaron Draper, Louis Fouche and Dayne Jordan. It's not WILLIAM it's KILLIAM. Dig it here. See what Gilles has to say over here

THICKMISS (Killam Shakespeare)