Karikatura EP out today

We respect and love this band! It's been a minute since they've taken some time from their world travels and put down some tracks, but today is the day. SPEAK NOW is the world according to Karikatura - full with social commentary and world rhythms that speak to the issues of TODAY. GHOST TOWN asks the aching question 'Is it ever gonna stop, will it ever slow down?' while WHITE LIES tells the story with blinders off - 'I can see whose got the power, from the bottom to the top'. Step over here and engage your ears, your mind, and your heart - with horns. 

Speak Now

Our socially conscious, subway jamming, genre smashing, ear bending crew KARIKATURA are back at it (They never stopped) with a new EP that's ready for the world on April 15. SPEAK NOW features four tracks that speak to the ghosts in our society: racism and white supremacy, gun violence, war and identity. Vocalist Ryan Acquoatta digs deep with urgent and haunting power as the band delivers their characteristic blend of sounds: Afro-Latin rhythms, driving guitar, and blazing horns. This record is tight, to the point, and powerful - both musically and as a message to the world. Catch these guys live at The Bowery on April 14.   

Remembering 2014 - Karikatura

Sometimes a band comes along that fully embodies the independent spirit - hustling, creating, talking social justice and living the lives of nomadic citizens of the earth. Karikatura is just that band - complex musical sensibilities with a simple punk attitude. All without lament. We are truly enriched by connecting with this band and we can tell you the music is just one beautiful part of that experience. So get up (and get down) with these cats at their next NYC subway busk or just slink on over here with your Eyes Wide Open.  

Karikatura (6/3/14)

Eyes Wide open, eyes wide shut


If you were in NYC last night and caught this band then you know what all the buzz is about; Karikatura creates a blend of style that ranges from gypsy punk to latin with precise delivery that gets you moving. Born in concept by Ukrainian born Dima Kay while traveling in India, Karikatura is an unlikely collection of New York based musicians with diverse influence. Their music evokes thoughts of distant places, their groove makes you dance, and their message is the new transglobal truth. Dig in right here and support the new sound. 

Karikatura Live In Europe (2011)


A little background on Karikatura, with Ryan Acquaotta's vocal talents shining...

Karikatura release show

Mark those calendars, Karikatura is gonna throw down in NYC on Sunday June 1 at Bowery Electric. Also appearing are Los Hacheros and DJ Cristo Selectah. Jump right over here and be one of the first 20 to get tix and you'll get a free copy of their upcoming release, Eyes Wide'. 

Transglobal sound

People of the world - it's time we stopped calling music from other places 'World Music'. There is a current of transglobal sound moving around the planet, as humans become more and more connected. Karikatura is part of that current - they live where cumbia meets hip-hop, reggae meets klezmer and indie-rock meets afrobeat. Neither purist nor revivalist, this is music of the present, for the future. Conceived by Ukrainian born and BK bred Dima Kay, the band is a collection of upstart road warriors who have traveled the world making music at festivals and subways alike: soulful singer Ryan Acquaotta, bassist Eric Legaspi, woodwinds maestro Joe Wilson, drummer Morgan Greenstreet, and brass-blaster Ric Becker. We are happy to help them lead the charge to the new new sound that has no boundaries. Their new record, Eyes Wide, drops on June 3.