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2014 countdown - kalen & The Sky Thieves

NYC man about town Wayan Zooey hipped us to this band of alleged atmospheric felons. Kalen & The Sky Thieves create and deliver a haunting style of 21st century rock that lives in its own genre, while Kalen's mysterious and powerful vocals force you to turn it up. We're looking forward to more (much more) from KST in the years to come. Dig in right here and see what it's all about. 


trip hop funk rock

It's a challenge here at the fake office to describe most of what we put out, and the new record from Kalen & The Sky Thieves is one of the toughest to define. Here's what we do know - the band is tight, their commitment to exploration is clear; Their leader is strong and beautiful, like a punk rock china doll, leading the band on with her haunting voice and vision. I'd jump in the van right now and follow this band. Check the sound right here and support, or head on over here and like like like

Bluebird Tour

Our new resident rockers, Kalen & The Sky Thieves, are hitting the road in support of their new record, Bluebird. Tour starts tomorrow right here in Philly Town and you know they are gonna throw down. Check the dates right here, get hip at this spot, and preorder the new album right over here. And watch the sky carefully.

All About Kalen & The Sky Thieves

Bluebird is the debut album from Brooklyn-based Kalen & the Sky Thieves. Produced and recorded by the band and John Davis at The Bunker Studio, Bluebird runs the gamut from modern alternative to old time rock and roll. The album serves to fulfill Kalen's dream of making a proper rock record, while providing a platform for her to exercise her considerable vocal talents. The band consists of Kalen's long-time Sky Thieves, Jay Giacomazzo (I, Revere) on bass, Will Hanza (Loop Grass) on guitar, and Wayan Zoey (Russ Kaplan +7), and the majority of the album was recorded live in the studio to enhance the raw power of people making music together with real instruments.