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Connecting the globe with music - that's what we are after. From our dear friend Jonathan Scales comes this beautiful track recorded in Taiwan during his recent tour. The vocals are performed by The Chu Yin Cultural and Arts Ensemble, a group of village elders from the Amis tribe. The song is a traditional weeding song that the villagers sing while cultivating their crop. in call and response fashion. The result is a fascinating blend of music and culture, free for your ears and your collection.   


At the heart of jazz is the desire to innovate, to create without boundaries. Jonathan Scales has relentlessly pursued his dream, placing the steel pan front and center in a jazz trio, and the world is embracing the sound. From the official Live Magic tee adorned with the steel pan, to the crowds stepping up to listen, to the children intrigued by the sound, Jonathan Scales Fourchestra is big in Japan and headed across Europe to make their mark. Drop in right here for tour dates, and get down with the Fourchestra's recordings right here, and check in on the pics from tour right here

The Hot Three

In the land of possibilities a three piece band called the Fourchestra can take drums, bass, and steel pan and turn it into, well, anything they want. Jonathan Scales has pressed his vision and turned our notions upside down, first with delicate and complex jazz arrangements and then with a straight throwdown of calculated mayhem. One look at the band playing live shows the tight interplay of Cody Wright, Chaisaray Schenck, and Jonathan himself. Dig their new movie right here, and grab a copy so you can remind yourself of the pure beauty of music at any time. 

Alive At The Rex

Alive At Rex Theater DVD

2014 countdown - jonathan scales fourchestra

It's clear to see that Jonathan Scales is a man of purpose. He has moved the steel pan directly into the mix in the world of jazz, and has elevated the discourse with sophisticated compositions and superior performance. Add the intense bass exploration of Cody Wright and the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra is a pioneering force on the scene. Support the band right here with a purchase or a gift for a friend, and don't forget to drop in on Cody's new project right here.

Pink Brigade

Tip the scales

We can't say enough about Jonathan Scales. He's a man on a mission with X-Ray vision. He's touring the land with the baddest band and bringing the music to who? To you. Tomorrow marks the drop of his next record, Mixtape Symphony, and it's a gem. Not that we've had our fill of last year's self titled LP. We're cueing up both records through the week so you can see, hear, feel what Jonathan Scales Fourchestra brings to the world, in the hopes that you'll join the many who are supporting this great band in the path to make the world a better place. Like it try it share it buy it.

Jonathan Scales X Ben Sollee

Mixtape Symphony

Praise is coming in from around the world for Jonathan Scales new recording, Mixtape Symphony. A dense, long form album inspired by and dedicated to Roy 'Futureman' Wooten, Mixtape Symphony further reveals the vision and direction of Jonathan Scales, composer. Add the blistering bass of Cody Wright and the anchored drumming of Phill Bronson and you have what they call a must listen. watch it, try it, like it, buy it.