2014 countdown - JJ Wright

JJ Wright is the Director Of Music at Notre Dame's Basilica Of The Sacred Heart. His debut release, Inward Looking Outward, is a reflective chronicle of the artist's self described 'Journey Towards Christ', and the deep commitment and sanctity can be felt throughout. NYC Jazz Record holds this one on their list of Best Debut Releases in 2014, and we certainly agree. Head over here to experience the record, and take note of the creative interpretations of both Sufjan Stevens and Phil Collins tracks.    

The Transfiguration

A Powerful, Musical, Debut

This from All About Jazz on J.J. Wright's debut:  "It's something of a cliché to say that an artist is one of a kind, but it fits the bill with Wright. His music is informed by religion, yet his music bears no traces of religiosity, and he's plugged into the rhythmically perspicacious nature of modern music, yet he often speaks in measured tones, using direct phrasing that's at once unique and wholly in tune with the ear.' The album drops tomorrow, and you can catch J.J. this week on the road.   

J.J. Wright takes it on the road

Next week (8/19) we release the debut album from composer and pianist J.J. Wright. if you haven't had a listen yet, drop in here to experience the depth of his commitment and playing. Tour starts this week - first up is Cliff Bells in Detroit with nine stops that lead to Brooklyn. Get on out if you can, and if not please share the tour dates with your friends. It's all right over here


This from J.J. Wright -'August 6th is the day when Christians celebrate the Feast of the Transfiguration in the Liturgical Calendar. The Transfiguration is the story of Jesus revealing his divinity to the apostles Peter, James, and John. It's one of the pivotal moments in the Gospel where Jesus himself is miraculously transformed as a preview of both his death and Resurrection. Everyone can relate to that moment where our experience transcends the normal world, where a bridge is formed between the literal and the implied, the physical and the metaphysical, the natural and the supernatural, and this story reminds us of just that.' Listen to J.J. 's interpretation of the Sufjan Stevens song Transfiguration right here.     

The Transfiguration

The future of jazz

Do we know what it is? Of course not. All we can do is look to the next wave of creators and ask for their interpretation of the art form. And so we introduce J.J. Wright, director of Music at Sacred Heart Parish, the crypt church beneath the University of Notre Dame's Basilica of the Sacred Heart. J.J.'s new record, inward Looking Outward, began with a flash of inspiration as J.J. reflected on spirituality and physicality, and sought to find the center of these themes. The record is a fascinating statement, interspersed with instrumental covers of Jon Brion, Sufjan Stevens, and Phil Collins tracks. Interesting? You bet. Inward Looking Outward drops on August 19 th, tour dates are right here.