Meet The Band

Friday marks the first release from Philly boy turned NOLA man Jimmy Stephens and his Full Tilt Boogie Band. If you know Philly, then you most likely know Kinyon Lanier, who brings an old school, take your time, let the spirit move you feel to his vocals. Tune in and feel the strength of this man's voice, and get out this Friday and see him perform with The Funky Brethren and Boy Wonder at Milkboy on Chestnut Street. Philly Love And Soul, Y'all. Forever.  

Going full tilt

We are thrilled to announce that the first of two releases from the legendary Jim Stephens and his Full Tilt Boogie Band is cued up and ready for prime time. ON OUR WAY TO FOREVER is a deep, soulful, yet positive and loving rendition of old school Gospel and R&B music. Featuring Winston Byrd, Chuck Treece, Kinyon Lanier and many more, this record feels like a group of (very talented) friends hanging in your living room, reflecting on love and life in the most real way possible - musically. The record hits on June 24, Preorder will be up soon. Check JSFTBB right here and get on that train from Philly to NOLA. 

one man, two cities

Philly's own Jimmy Stephens is making it work down in the Big Easy, soaking up the history, the legacy, and the swampy vibe as he prepares to release TWO records here at Ropeadope. This summer we spent some time with Jimmy here in Philly as he laid down tracks with a solid lineup including Andre Coles (Boy Wonder), Greg Moore, Kinyon Lanier, Sarah Kane, Winston Byrd and more. Jimmy has spent a lifetime helping others, and soon we will be called to help him - stay tuned for early footage and a chance to get on board with Jim Stephens Full Tilt Boogie Band.