Celebrating 2015 - Jesse Fischer

We’ve been fans of Jesse Fischer for some time, and when he decided to bring his latest project - DAYDREAMER - to Ropeadope we were thrilled. A beautiful, reflective, and intensely personal record, Day Dreamer shows a man in transition after the birth of his first child. Special guests Takuya Kuroda and Sarah Elizabeth Charles add aesthetically perfect touches. Drop in on Jesse Fischer right here, and do yourself a big favor and catch Jesse live.  

Suite For The Blue Planet

Lovin You

It's been a big year here at Ropeadope, but this week we take a deep breath and bow to the most dedicated of performers, composers, and players - Mr Jesse Fischer. In a world of dominant personalities, Jesse is the quiet, gentle force that keeps his head constantly in the music. Day Dreamer is Jesse's seventh album, and it is the kind of work that reveals itself in more depth with each listen. As the seasons change and we reflect on life and times past, Day Dreamer is the perfect soundtrack. Enjoy.  

Jesse Fischer

Day Dreamer from Jesse Fischer is cued up and ready for preorder right here at bandcamp. The record is Jesse's most personal work, and features guest appearances from Takuya Kuroda and the incredible Sarah Elizabeth Charles. Please support directly by preordering your physical copy or high quality digital download. You can also send the album as a gift to a friend.

Day Dreamer

Jesse Fischer mixes it up with the best, and we are thrilled to say that his seventh album, Day Dreamer, will be released here at Ropeadope next month. Passionate and persistently active in the scene, Jesse delivers a vulnerable and purely emotional album - Day Dreamer. Guest appearances from Takuya Kuroda, Sarah Elizabeth Charles, and Zack Brock round out the direct and carefully crafted album. Step in here to keep up with the news, and while you're waiting dig Jesse's recent project with Sly5thAve right here.