Lost Signals

World traveler and seeker of social justice Jeremy Danneman is back, this time with the third album in his trilogy - LOST SIGNALS. Jeremy digs deep with themes of atonement, forgiveness, war, peace, and liberation on this one. Originally intended to include Rwandan Inanga player Sophie Nzayisenga, the project took a different turn when the US State Department denied Sophie's visa. Undeterred, Dannemann completed the project and eventually recorded new material with Sophie. Dig in to Lost Signals right here, and check out Jeremy's Parade Of One Foundation here.     

Celebrating 2015 - Jeremy Danneman

Here at the fake office we call Jeremy Danneman the most interesting man in the world. With a degree in British and American Literature, this sax player slash street performer slash social justice advocate has traveled the world as a PARADE OF ONE, playing his horn with the people of different nations. Jeremy came to Ropeadope with the first in a trilogy, LADY BOOM BOOM, an album with themes of atonement, forgiveness, war, and peace. Drop in here to listen to Jeremy’s unique take on … well, everything. And check his HARMONIOUS EXCHANGE PROJECT right here.  

Jeremy Danneman (3/3/15)


World traveler Jeremy Danneman just finished a month of collaborative exploration with Sophie Nzayisenga, continuing his unique 'Parade Of One' concept by playing all over NYC. Sophia and Jeremy cut through all of the noise by taking the music directly to humans wherever they are, and it's a beautiful sight (and sound). The Harmonious Exchange project has just been funded and the new record, Help, is on the way (tomorrow!). Drop in to Jeremy's world here, stop by and listen and support right over here.  

Parade of One

We dig what this cat does. Traveling the world with just a saxophone, Jeremy Danneman is on a one man mission to unite people through music. Just check the faces on the kids (and Adults) right here and you can see the healing of harmonious exchange. Jeremy is cueing up his next project and needs support to make it happen - drop in right here and get with the new way. Check Jeremy's first record right over here.

Mutobu March

A Parade Of One

Tomorrow marks the release of Lady Boom Boom from NY Saxophonist Jeremy Danneman. Jeremy is the founder of Parade Of One, a nonprofit project dedicated to engaging international audiences with a unique blend of street performance, educational programming, and recording. The images that Jeremy has collected from his trip are stunning, as one can see the unique power of music crossing all cultures. Lady Boom Boom, the first of three records from Jeremy, Illustrates in music the same experience - intriguing rhythms give way to distant and exotic sounds that bring the journey right to your heart. Pick up the record right here and support this unique vision.     

Parade Of One