Paper Product Abuser

Wet Those Fingertips

DREAM DIARIES has been described as 'the kind of rock record that only a jazz musician could write'. Premiered by Magnet and Songwriting Magazine UK, Dream Diaries is an excursion through a universe of composition and style. You can hear all the influences clearly - Ween, Zappa, King Crimson and more, with Jason's bass chops matched by the band and guests, including Cyro Baptista. All of the tracks shine in their own light, but we go back again and again for PAPER PRODUCT ABUSER, a statement on overconsumption that sounds like Mingus and Weird Al getting stoned and ridiculous at Frank Zappa's house. Feel good about it, care about it, and make sure you're spare about it.     

Jason Fraticelli

totally awesome

Bassist Jason Fraticelli is one third of the creative trio behind FRESH CUT ORCHESTRA, and he's got a restless mind. That's why he's bringing a full length record of his material to you in July. DREAM DIARIES is the full on Jason Fraticelli - composer, multi-instrumentalist, song writer, and sometime comedian. Drawing from an array of influences inlcuding the great Frank Zappa, Ween, Bowie, and the Beatles, Dream Diaries will take you on a rollicking and complex musical trip with a taste of not too heavy sarcasm. It's fun, it's deep, it's totally awesome. Preorder the CD and high quality download right here.