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We were definitely not finished listening to Aaron & Mike Dolton's 2013 release, Anamorphic, when they sent yet another release -  Audiography - in early 2014. Audiography continues the blend of organic instrumentation and electronic dreamscape that the brothers are known for worldwide. Every one of their releases are in rotation at the fake office because they paint the room with sound. If you haven't picked up on HUW, now is the time to tune in and kick back. Hang out at the HUW Mixcloud spot right here, but do remember to jump in and support HUW by picking up a copy or sending a gift to a friend.

Stop Motion - HUW

Human To Human Vol 1

Aaron and Mike Dolton, known to the world as HUW, have held down the chill groove at Ropeadope since 2010. Check out Amplexus, Anamorphic,  and Audiography to get the feel. We asked the brothers to create a set of their favorite Ropeadope music, and they came up with HumantoHuman Vol 1 - Eclectic Breaks and Beats. This one drops worldwide on 11/18, with 14 deep cuts and the full DJ Mix as a bonus track. Cue it up on bandcamp, or add it to your Itunes library right over here

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HUW - Reflections Vol23. Uplifting Nu-Jazz Breaks and Grooves by Huw on Mixcloud

Type 40

Huw for you

Our resident creators and producers HUW - Aaron and Mike Dolton from the UK - have been tearing it up on Mixcloud lately. All the while tinkering in the studio to create their next full length release, Audiography. We've still got Anamorphic on repeat, so I guess we'll need to make a HUW mix of our own. The new record, a fascinating blend of acoustic and electronic elements, drops on July 15  with electro-psychedelic video to match starting on June 30.  


humantohuman vol 1

Ropeadope Records Present: Human to Human - HUW - Eclectic Breaks and Beats #HumanToHuman by Huw on Mixcloud

Ropeadope. 15 years of music. 15 years of connection. From the vaults, new and old, comes HumanToHuman - tastemaker takes on the common (and uncommon) threads that weave through the Ropeadope catalog. Leading off is Aaron Dolton, one half of HUW and mix master. Dig.  

Reflections of Ropeadope

HUW - Reflections Vol19. A Solid Selection of Nu-Jazz, Neo-Soul and Breaks from Ropeadope Records by Huw on Mixcloud

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HUW - Reflections Vol20. Upbeat Funk and Soul Selection by Huw on Mixcloud