Celebrating 2015 - Greg Hester

What can we say about Greg Hester? After delivering two amazing albums that range from southern soul to country, he hit us early this year with a massive tribute to the late great James Brown. And yes, it was with Mr. Brown’s band - Keith Jenkins, Ron Laster, Mousey Thompson, Fred Wesley, Hollie Farris, and more. With guest vocalists from Raul Malo to Col. Bruce Hampton to Jimmy Hall. SOUL BROTHER WHERE ART THOU? is a record for the ages, so we invite you to cue it up after your holiday dinner and dance the night away.  

Greg Hester (3/17/15)

Greg Hester X Leon Russell

Our resident southern soul man Greg Hester delighted crowds this weekend, opening for the legendary Leon Russell in Asheville and Atlanta. It's a great opportunity for Greg, and for the fans to hear what we've been saying for some time now - Greg Hester Got SOUL. Take a little trip down the back roads and the city streets of the south with Greg's three Ropeadope releases - Hustlers Killers and Thieves, American Story, and Soul Brother Where Art Thou?. Support this hardworking cat by liking, sharing, buying, caring. 

Soul Brother Greg Hester

The new Greg Hester record - Soul Brother Where Art Thou? - is getting praise from all corners as the funkiest groove of the year. With many of the J.B.s performing and amazing vocal performances from the likes of Kevn Kinney, Chris Unck, John Popper and more, it's not a surprise. Check it right here, and please do tell your friends

Soul Brother Where Art Thou?

After 7 years of hard work and careful selection our resident soul man Greg Hester has delivered his tribute to James Brown. The tracks were laid down by Mr. Brown's band themselves - Keith Jenkins, Danny Ray, Waldo Weathers, Mousey Thompson, Ron Laster, Fred Thomas, Fred Wesley and more - and you can hear that signature groove all the way through. The guests are diverse - John Popper, Col Bruce Hampton, Raul Malo, Ivan Neville, Shana Morrison, Chris Unck, Kevn Kinney, and Jimmy Hall all deliver their unique take on the classic songs, as Greg Hester guides them duet style. This is an Augusta GA native and his friends paying full homage to the Godfather of Soul, and it's HOT. Dig in right here for the first few tracks and get your copy. 

Greg Hester Live

Greg Hester wears cool hats

Our resident southern soul man Greg Hester is gearing up for a big year in 2013. Rumors abound of a full on James Brown tribute project with some greats from Ivan Neville to John Popper. Check Greg's Ropeadope releases right here, and drop in on Greg's influences with his Country Soul playlist on Spotify. Check Greg's new hat right here.

Top Ten

From the famed roots music blog No Depression comes this handy top ten list with Greg Hester landing the #3 spot and Jordan Hull coming in with #7. It's a new dawn for us here at Ropeadope as these relative unknowns are getting the attention they deserve. Take a moment to give them both a listen, and please support these hardworking artists by picking up their records. And of course, check out the keen ears of Michael Verity, the writer who gets it.