Remembering 2014 - 35MM

Here at the fake office we reject the notion that the most popular music is the best music, so it is inevitable that we will come across some underground faves. Our man from Austin by way of Japan, the great Fumi-Hito, brought us this loungy set from 35MM. The band is Fumi and his partner in chill, Claude McCan, who set out to reconstruct lounge music from the 50s 'with a sultry and polished style'. The result is a dope record that fits in the mix almost anywhere, anytime - yet it is always best with a martini in hand. Dig it right here

35MM (1/28/14)

2014 Countdown - Fumihito Sugawara & Claude Nine

Ropeadope veteran Fumihito Sugawara surfaced early in the year with his international partner and double agent Claude Nine. The duo delighted us with 35mm - a reconstruction of lounge music from the 50's and 60's. Elements of bossa nova, space age pop, tango, and jazz all mix for an intriguing and straight up FUN album that takes you forward and backward in time. Get down with the sound right here, and support these suave cats with a purchase or a gift for a friend right over here. AND, take a moment to check out their hip collection of show posters right here. Now that's a swinging groove.

35 MM

swingin party

Keep that black tie on, as one party ends another begins and now it's time to get down with the sleek sounds of 35mm. Throw your bags in the back seat of your Aston Martin convertible and travel the world with Claude Nine and Fumihito Sugawara. Surf Rock, Tango, Bossa Nova - it's all there on tomorrow's release. Shake that martini and jump in right here.

Fumihito is funky at noon

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Live At the Skylark Lounge

35mm - Fumihito Sugawara and Claude Nine

2014 Preview - 35mm

The musically restless Fumihito Sugawara has been busy. Fresh off the heels of his collab with Black Gold 360 comes a new record in (surprise!) a completely different style. This time the Hiroshima by way of Austin native is teamed up with the dashing Claude Nine for the release of 35mm, a retofuturistic album that reconstructs 50's & 60's lounge music in a sultry and polished style. It's all about the look, and its all about the music. and the look. Put your coat and sunglasses on and grab a stealth listen right here.