Celebrating 2015 - Freekbass

The great Bootsy Collins calls him ‘ The new spiritual warrior for the funk’. As a child he wanted to become a magician, and in many ways he has fulfilled that dream. Traveling the country with top hat and bass in hand, Freekbass works magic with The Bump Assembly. At once a peer of the likes of Bootsy, Buckethead, Mike Gordon, and Bernie Worrell AND a solid representative of his hometown of Cincinnati, Freekbass stands alone as a unique musical personality. Live The Connection right here.  

Freekbass (12/11/15)


Ohio - home of the fertile funk scene that brought us Bootsy Collins, The Ohio Players, and James Brown's King Records. Birthplace of one Chris Sherman - known worldwide as FREEKBASS - an epic bass and life magician who carries the torch and reinvents the genre every time he plays. Freekbass is cueing up his next full length release, ready for your ears by November, and it is aptly titled CINCINNATI. Are you feelin' real? Check right here to check and stay tuned right here for the inside inside from Cincinnatti HQ. 

Everybody’s Feelin Real