Catalano / Chamberlin / Sanborn

May 27 is the date for the release of the new Frank Catalano album - BYE BYE BLACKBIRD is a tribute to Frank's hometown heroes Von Freeman and Eddie Harris. Joined by his persistent collaborator Jimmy Chamberlin, Frank rounds out the band with the great David Sanborn, Demos Petropoulos, and guitarist Nir Felder. The pedigree and the chops are there, and Bye Bye Blackbird feels like the completion of a trilogy, following up LOVE SUPREME COLLECTIVE and GOD'S GONNA CUT YOU DOWN. Drop in right here to listen and preorder. 

bye bye blackbird

This man just does NOT STOP. Frank Catalano returns (with Jimmy Chamberlin) to bring us the third record in their trilogy. BYE BYE BLACKBIRD features the great David Sanborn and special guests Nir Felder and Demos Petropoulos. Dedicated to jazz legends Von Freeman and Eddie Harris, Bye Bye Blackbird is described by Frank as 'the jazziest of the trilogy'. It's all happening here in April, but you can jump over to Frank's early ordering spot to reserve your copy. Our tip - get the dinner with Frank and Jimmy and raise a glass with some great humans who also happen to be incredible musicians. Late to the party? Drop in right here and get the back story.

Celebrating 2015 - Frank Catalano

The sax man from Chicago who keeps on bringing his positive energy to the world, Frank Catalano hit us this fall with a surprise record with none other than Randy Brecker and the great Ornette Coleman (RIP). A fitting tribute to the sounds of Cuba, Havana Nu-Beat Suite is a beautiful record with lasting power. Jump in right here to get the beat of the street.  

Frank Catalano (9/30/15)

Celebrating 2015 - Frank Catalano

No Stranger to adversity, Frank Catalano speaks just like he plays his horn; with complex rhythm and style and persistent positive energy. After years of playing on the scene with great artists too numerous to list, Frank pushed out on his own and embraced the new artist-driven world of music. Together with Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin he brought us his full length - GOD’S GONNA CUT YOU DOWN - to solid reviews and steady Billboard chart position. Intriguing art from Tony Fitzpatrick graced the cover yet again, and just when we were about to call it a great year Frank hit us with a second release- HAVANA NU BEAT SUITE - featuring Ornette Coleman and Randy Brecker. Frank Catalano is a force in motion.  

Frank Catalano (4/7/15)

Havana Nu Beat Suite

Composer, innovator, and tireless improvisor Frank Catalano delivers the holy grail of jazz albums for 2015 with Havana Nu Beat Suite - a six movement suite to honor the citizens of Havana Cuba. The Suite features Frank's longtime collaborator and mentor Randy Brecker and the incomparable Ornette Coleman. With hypnotic percussion, complex harmony and soft counterpoint throughout, Catalano describes the vibe as 'Avant-Trance'. Frank Catalano's exuberant respect and love for the players, the art, and the people are evident throughout; 'Ornette became someone that I wanted to be like as a human being. I felt happy and tranquil just standing near him'. Havana Nu Beat Suite is out today.    

tuna town

God’s Gonna Cut You Down

That's right - the new LP from Frank Catalano & Jimmy Chamberlin is headed your way and it's damn serious. Frank's EP dropped last year and landed the # 1 slot on the Itunes Jazz charts, and this time Frank and Jimmy slipped a little Hammond B3 into the mix for some heavy heavy sound. Dig in right here to see what's shakin', and head on over to itunes to support these cats, because that's how it works. 

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