Celebrating 2015 - Ethan Farmer

There is no shortage of bad*ss bass players here at Ropeadope, but it’s clear that Ethan Farmer is the best looking and best dressed of them all. Humor aside, we were honored to have Ethan join the family with his latest release, FARMER’S VINEYARD. If you don’t know Ethan, check his appearances with Craig Robinson and The Nasty Delicious right here, look and learn right over here, and drop in to stream and download Farmer’s Vineyard right over here.  

Ethan Farmer (8/7/15)

Kung Fu

Born to play the bass

Everything we do is gonna be funky, from now on. August 7 is the date the we drop the next record from Mr Ethan Farmer, AKA Ebassman. The man with the style and the groove, Ethan Farmer has been on the road with many, including Janet Jackson and Lionel Richie. Farmer's Vineyard is his Ropeadope debut, and it's got that signature feel. Check Ethan right here and here, and flash back to his Super Bowl commercial with Craig T. Robinson.